Connecting Third-Party Channel

Third-party Channel for CINNOX lets you engage and support visitors and customers reaching out to your business from your channel to CINNOX seamlessly and efficiently.

Apart from social media apps (Messenger, WeChat and WhatsApp, LINE ), you can add your other visitor and customer conversation channel as a third-party channel in CINNOX using the Webhook API.

Your visitor and customer enquiries from your channel will route to your CINNOX staff members and create a two-way conversation between them. Your staff will respond using their CINNOX account in the web dashboard or mobile app.


Creating Third-Party Channel

  • From the navigation menu, go to Channels > Social.
  • On the Social page, click the Create Channel button located on the top-right corner. A pop-up window will show to display a list of sources that you can connect to.
  • Click Connect to the Third-Party Channel
Selecting Third-Party ChannelSelecting Third-Party Channel

Selecting Third-Party Channel

Connect your source

  • On the Select Third-Party Channel page that will display, click Set up another third-party account.
  • On the Connect to another Channel to CINNOX that will display, fill in the source name and the Outgoing Webhook fields.
    • Source Name: the source name of your third-party channel
    • Outgoing Webhook: copy and paste the Outgoing Webhook of your channel. As soon as you enter a URL, we'll send an HTTP POST request with a challenge parameter, and your endpoint must respond with the challenge value.
Connecting SourceConnecting Source

Connecting Source


Configure your settings

Set how to distribute incoming enquiries from this channel to the target destinations.

  • Channel Name: the name of your channel that will display in your chance list.
  • Routing Settings: click Edit and choose the Routing Rules and add Destinations based on the operational support to your channel.
    Please check our detailed guide Alternative, Percentage, Time and Sticky Routing for more information.
Configuring the settingsConfiguring the settings

Configuring the settings


Customise your welcome and away messages

Set automatic welcome and away messages to your visitors and customers. Welcome messages are greetings sent to a visitor when they first message you. At the same time, an away message is sent if no staff are available to answer an enquiry. You may also choose to include your staff's display name when responding to your visitors' messages.

Display Name Format
You may include a display name on your messages whenever your staff members send them on behalf of your THird Party Channel. Choose from the following options:

  • No name to display
  • Staff first name
  • Staff first name + last name

Welcome Message
Greet your visitors when they send you their very first message.
CINNOX provides a default welcome message; you can change it according to your preference.

Away Message
When a visitor's enquiry is missed, send an auto-reply message that their enquiry will be attended by your expert agent shortly.

-CINNOX provides a default away message; you can change it according to your preference

Customising messagesCustomising messages

Customising messages


When the integration is successful, the assigned destination to handle your Third-party channel will be notified of visitor chat enquiries and reply to them using their CINNOX staff account.

Third-party channel enquiry details are displayed in the Enquiry Overview and Reports.

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Connecting Third-Party Channel

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