Changing Password

To change your password in the CINNOX App:

  • From the menu tab, go to (1) My Account > (2) Settings > (3) Authentication then tap (4) Change Password
Change PasswordChange Password

Change Password

  • Enter your current password to verify your identity.
  • Enter your new password.
    Note that password must:
    • :white-check-mark: Include both uppercase and lowercase characters
    • :white-check-mark: Include at least one number or symbol
    • :white-check-mark: Be at least eight characters long
Changing PasswordChanging Password

Changing Password

  • Re-enter your new password.
Changing PasswordChanging Password

Changing Password

  • Tap Confirm. A pop-up message will indicate whether or not you have successfully changed your password.
Successful Change PasswordSuccessful Change Password

Successful Change Password


In the case that you have more than one CINNOX account using one email address when you change your password, it will automatically update the password associated with your email across your accounts.

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