CINNOX is the Total Experience platform to elevate customer and staff experiences with innovative omnichannel customer support, engagement, and actionable insights.

Elevate Customer Experiences:

  • Customers can engage with your business on any channel they prefer at any time
  • Improve the first-time resolution by connecting them to the right agent for a given situation
  • Reduce wait time through automation and "always-on" support at every touchpoint, at the scale
  • Offer seamless switching between voice, video, and conferencing across telecom and digital channels to match best the type of response needed

Optimise Employee Experiences:

  • Collaborate and escalate efficiently to facilitate the timely resolution of complex customer enquiries
  • Analyse interaction data to improve team performance and actionable business strategies

Please refer to our Signing Up CINNOX Account section of this Guide to get your CINNOX account.


Web Browser Requirements

The CINNOX Staff Dashboard is available in desktop web browsers only. Visitors can access the CINNOX Widget and web view through mobile web browsers or desktop web browsers.

Browser Configuration

  • JavaScript must be enabled
  • localStorage must be enabled
  • TLS v1.2 or above must be supported
  • Cookies may be enabled to provide a better user experience


Desktop Platform

CINNOX supports the following WebRTC- compatible web browsers running on Windows or Mac:

PlatformBrowser & Version
macOS and Windows Chrome v115 or later
macOS Safari v16.3 or later

Mobile Platform

CINNOX supports the following WebRTC- compatible web browsers running on Android and iOS:

PlatformBrowser & Version
Android Chrome v115 or later
iOS/iPad Safari v16.3 or later


iOS / iPadOS only supports the Safari browser for web calling

Unfortunately, only Safari in iOS & iPadOS can use WebRTC (Web real-time VoIP calling) due to Apple policy. Other Apps like Chrome do not support the calling feature in iOS/iPadOS. This limitation also applies to browsers inside Apps (e.g., open a weblink to call in WeChat). The workaround is to open the link in Safari through the more option (three-dots) or copy the URL and paste it to Safari directly.

This limitation does not apply to macOS.


Mobile Device Requirements (IOS & Android)

CINNOX Staff Mobile App is available in the following mobile OS:


App Store


CINNOX iOS App Store



Google Play


CINNOX Android Google Play


Alternatively, we provide an Android APK if you are not using the Google Play Store to download an app.

Android APK - for users located in China


CINNOX Android APK (located inside China)

Android APK - for users located outside China


CINNOX Android APK (located outside China)


Supported Platform Version

iOS 16.0 or later
Android 11 or later


Bandwidth Requirements

The table below lists the network bandwidth requirements for making calls using the CINNOX Web widget.

CINNOX uses an adaptive codec that automatically changes to adapt to the user's network condition and provides them with the best call experience.

PlatformAudio CodecBit Rate (Single Stream)Bandwidth
VoIP (Voice over IP)OPUS8 to 32 kbps~0.5 to 2 M/min
PSTNG.71164 kbpsn/a
VideoH.264/30fps360P - 400 kbps
480P - 750 kbps
360P ~24 M/min
480P ~45 M/min
Screen SharingH.264/VBR20 to 100 kbps~1 to 6 M/min


Recording File Size

The table below lists the estimated storage size of the recording file in different call types. It may vary based on the network and content (e.g. audio volume, video screen brightness). Refer to Recording Calls for more details.

Call TypeRecording File Size for 60 seconds
1 to 1 audio call (VoIP or PSTN)2 MB
1 to 1 video (1 camera on)2 MB
1 to 1 video (2 cameras on)4 MB
Conference audio1 MB


Other Requirements

  • Some features require various permissions to be enabled to work correctly.
  • Network access is needed to use the CINNOX Staff Dashboard, Mobile App, and Visitor Client.
  • A microphone or headset with a microphone is a requirement for devices that do not have a built-in microphone for calling.