Viewing the Chat Report

Chat Report lets you monitor all sent and received chats, such as the following in your CINNOX service.

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video
  • File
  • Voice Message
  • Email

To view the Chat Report, from the navigation menu, go to Report > Chat Report.

The Overview section consists of total chats and a graph for the chat breakdown.


Overview displays the Total Chats sent in the chat rooms of visitors and staff.

In the referenced screenshot, the total chats data is 4,250 from the last 7 days.

The graph displays the breakdown of the chat (Text, Image, Video, File, Voice message and Email) with the date range.

Text: The total text is 4,008 from the last 7 days

Image: The total Image is 142 from the last 7 days

Video: The total Video is 7 from the last 7 days

File: The total File is 49 from the last 7 days

Voice Message: The total voice message is 3 from the last 7 days

Email: The total Email is 41 from the last 7 days


Chat Overview Report


The chat report data can be filtered by date or staff name
Use the interactive bar chart to see the data in an hourly or daily breakdown.

To print the Chat Report - Overview graphs and data, click the printer icon located at the top middle of the page.

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