Network Management System (NMS)

How does CINNOX monitor its service?

Our 24-hour Service Operations Centre (SOC) monitors all the service platforms round-the-clock.

How do you know your infrastructure is working correctly?

CINNOX adopt a service-based monitoring approach. We deploy a Network Management System (NMS) that provides a real-time holistic view of the performance of the infrastructure.

What will your SOC do when they receive an alert on the infrastructure?

Our SOC monitors and reacts to every alert / alarm. Action will be taken according to the SOP (Standing Operation Procedure) and SLA (Service Level Agreement).

CINNOX uses different cloud-based solutions around the globe, so how can you monitor them, as some of the servers are not in Hong Kong?

We have an SLA with our hardware vendors for private clouds in different data centres worldwide to provide on-site support for any hardware failure. We don't need to take care of the hardware maintenance for the public cloud in different locations. Our vendor does it in the cloud infrastructure, and they provide an SLA to us.

How can you ensure your service is working as intended?

We use our own programs to simulate customer behaviour and test the service features. This automation testing helps us proactively monitor the service availability and quality we offer our customers.

How often do you perform testing on your services?

The automated testing is running regularly round-the-clock.

How will your SOC respond when they receive an alert/alarm?

An Alert will be sent to the SOC if the auto-test detects any service abnormality. SOC will investigate and issue a service ticket to the relevant party, depending on the problem.