Answering Calls

To answer an incoming call from the CINNOX dashboard:

  • Click on the Accept call button.
  • Alternatively, click on the Decline call button to reject it.

Call Screen


The call rings until you picked up the call or reached the maximum waiting time.

The maximum ring time is as follows:

  • Broadcast Call Enquiry = 30 seconds
  • Direct Call = 90 seconds


Browser Permissions for Microphone and Camera

When answering voice and video calls using CINNOX, your browser needs to access your device's microphone and camera.

Ensure your browser's camera and microphone permissions for the CINNOX Dashboard site or client-side pages (i.e., the pages with the CINNOX web widget or web view) are set to Allow. For more information, refer to this Guide's Microphone and Camera Permissions for Web Browsers section.


Call Screen

The following buttons will appear on your call screen during a call:

  • Hold (1) - puts the ongoing call on hold.
  • Mute (2) - mutes your microphone. When enabled, the other side will not be able to hear you, but you will still be able to listen to them
  • Record (3) - Start call recording. Note that if call recording is automatically set, this button is enabled at the beginning of the call.
  • Transfer Call (4) - lets you (warm or blind) transfer the call.
  • End Call (5) - ends the call.
  • More (6) - opens the following additional options:
  • Settings for the device - microphone, speaker, and call noise reduction
  • Share Screen - allows you to share screen from your device
  • Video Call - switches the call into a video call. Note that this feature requires camera permission to work.
  • Add Participant - via dialling out a phone number or adding staff members.
  • Keypad - lets you access your keypad.

You can switch the call to a video call. Refer to this Guide's Video Call section for more details.


Masked Call Recording

To ensure privacy during sensitive conversations being recorded, you can mask the call, preventing it from being included in the recording.

  • Click the mask recording icon to enable it and mask the conversation. Click it again to resume the recording.


Call Recording

For more details about call recording, refer to this Guide's Recording Calls section.


Call Log

Whenever you or anyone else makes or answers a call on CINNOX, it logs a call history into the room.
This Call Log contains the following details:


  • Title
  • Date
  • Start of call time
  • Total Duration

Detailed Information

  • Caller
  • Called Party
  • Start Time
  • Total Duration
  • Status
  • Bye Reason

To make or return a call, click on the Call button. The call screen will then appear, indicating that the call has started.


For more details about Call Attributes and Call Metrics, refer to this Guide's Viewing the Call Report section.