Connecting Email


Email is the most preferred channel for customers to engage for customer support. Connect your support email to CINNOX to manage your customer emails as omnichannel enquiries effortlessly. Leverage our intent data, insights and analytics to enhance experiences and provide outstanding support.

Create an email channel in your CINNOX service and bind it with your support email address. Your customers' emails become enquiries, to which any of your staff agents can reply email conversations.

CINNOX and Email Integration Highlights

Following are some of the few benefits of using the CINNOX Email Channel.

Connect and reply to emails in CINNOXBind your support email addresses in CINNOX and reply to customer emails in your CINNOX Web Dashboard and App.

Refer to our Pricing Plans for more details
Route email enquiries to your agentsRoute email channels and their enquiries with CINNOX Intelligent Routing :

Alternative – distributes incoming enquiries in a linear pattern to your set destination service group.
Percentage – distributes incoming enquiries at a percentage value.
Time – distributes incoming enquiries using time allocation.
Sticky Routing – new enquiries from the same customer will directly route to the same staff who previously served them.
Transfer email enquiryTransfer an ongoing email enquiry from one agent to another.
Unified omnichannel threadAll enquiries (from the different channels) from the same customer will be viewed in one chat room.
Email enquiries monitoring and reportingView email enquiries in the Enquiry Overview, Home Dashboard, and Enquiry Report Details.
The email sender saves it as a contact.Add the email enquiry sender as external contact with their name and email address as their contact profile.
Email Engagement (Outbound Email)Manage the Engagement and Allowlist settings in the Email Channel configuration.

Staff listed in the allowlist can send outbound emails to their contacts and automatically create an enquiry for them.
Merge or Link between 2 contacts.Suggests merging to External Contacts and linking to Salesforce Contacts with the verified email address
Email Editor with HTML formatSupports HTML in the Email Editor
Email binding test toolsThe system will automatically test the email binding if no enquiries have been received for the past 24 hours.

Send Test Email button is available for the admin to manually test the email binding connection by sending a test email.
Audit log with email channel managementTrack changes such as added, updated and deleted email channels in your service.


What do you need to know before you begin?

There are two mail servers available to use in your CINNOX service.

CINNOX mail server (Default)
Forward your customer emails to your CINNOX service and convert them into enquiries. Reply to your customers using your CINNOX preferred email address, e.g. [email protected].

Your mail server
Forward your customer emails to your CINNOX service and convert them into enquiries. Reply to your customers using your email domain, e.g. [email protected], preserving your company branding.

If you use a non-custom domain, such as addresses ending in or, you can't use this option, as you won't have access to the DNS settings. Please get in touch with your administrator for help.




CINNOX supports Gmail, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Outlook Exchange integration.


Connecting Email Video Tutorial

This video tutorial will walk you through a step-by-step guide to successfully integrate your email with CINNOX. We'll cover everything from the initial set-up to the end. Let's dive in and get started!