Engagement in CINNOX

Engagement is initiating conversations between staff members and prospects, leads, or customers through various communication channels, such as calls, SMS, email, or WhatsApp. Through Engagement, staff members can offer promotions and information to help customers take the desired action and move through their customer journey.

CINNOX offers several communication channels for staff members to engage with customers, including Virtual Numbers for Calls, SMS, Email and WhatsApp. When a staff member initiates a conversation with a customer, CINNOX creates a direct engagement chat room for them.

Each Engagement made by the same staff to the same customer is posted in the same engagement chat room, making tracking past conversations easier and ensuring the customer receives a consistent and constant update from the same staff member, different from the enquiry chat room.


The External Contacts > Activity tab tracks each customer's journey by keeping a record of all the conversations initiated by the customer and the staff member. It provides a complete view of each customer's communication history with the business, including details such as the date and time of each conversation and the staff member who handled it.​

It helps businesses identify patterns and trends in customer behaviour, allowing them to gain valuable insights into what customers are looking for and develop targeted marketing campaigns or promotions. ​


To effectively use the engagement feature in CINNOX, follow these step-by-step guides for each communication channel:

Refer to the following step-by-step Engagement Guide according to the preferred channel.

  • Call Engagement- use a Virtual Number with Caller ID and Engagement enabled to initiate a call to the customer.
  • SMS Engagement - use a Virtual number with SMS Sender ID enabled to send an SMS to the customer.
  • Email Engagement - use the email channel as your sender email to email the customer.
  • WhatsApp Engagement - use the WhatsApp channel as the WhatsApp number to send your WhatsApp messages to customers and staff members.

Initiate a personalised message providing information and offering promotions, keeping the message concise according to the customer's needs.


Engagement Routing and Binding

When using Virtual: Local Numbers with Engagement Mode enabled, Engagement Routing and Binding ensure that call-backs from visitors are directed to the staff who initially engaged them.

For instance:
Staff A contacts Visitor A using the Virtual Local Number +851 1234 5678 with Engagement Mode enabled. If Visitor A returns the call to that number, it gets routed directly to Staff A, establishing a binding connection. Other staff cannot engage Visitor A through the same local number during this binding.

For a detailed overview, please check our Virtual Number User Guide.