Email Engagement

Engaging customers continuously through Email is a way to express how important they are to your company.
CINNOX offers to email your customer with your latest offers and assistance. Your Staff can engage your customers frequently through emails. The Emails sent as enquiries to the customer will be received as emails, and the customer's response was returned as enquiries. In this way, the attending Staff can stay connected with the customer.

For more details about Email, how to connect your support email to CINNOX Dashboard and manage the engagement and allowlist settings, please refer to the Connecting Email section of this Guide.


How to send an email to your customers?

In the CINNX App,

  • Go to the Contacts.
  • Tap on the Contact to enter the Contact Profile.
  • Tap on the Email icon in the Email address column.

Contact Profile - Email Address

  • Compose new email window will pop up.
  • Write the Subject and the Body of the Email.
  • Tap on the Send icon to send the customer's Email.

Email as Enquiry


When you set up your Email Signature on your Dashboard > My Account > Profile**, the email signature will be attached to your new or reply email window.



When a customer replies, the Staff receives the Email as enquires in their enquires overview page. For more details about the Enquiry Overview, please refer to the Enquiry Overview section of this Guide.