360dialog WhatsApp- Restart the Enquiry Conversation

For Social channel enquiries, a time limit has been set by Meta, WeChat and LINE to respond to visitor enquiries. The enquiry chat room should be kept active to send messages to the visitor continuously.

Generally, a message will appear in the chat room when the staff attempts to send a message to the visitor, but the conversation has lapsed due to being idle and has reached the time limit.
"Sorry, your message can no longer send; the xx-hour message window has lapsed. Close this enquiry, or wait until the visitor sends a message again."


With 360dialog as the WhatsApp source, you can restart the conversation for WhatsApp enquiry that has lapsed using WhatsApp Template Messages.

To use WhatsApp Template Messages as a reply to the lapsed WhatsApp enquiry, the administrator has to enable the “Restart Conversation Template Message” settings in the WhatsApp Channel and pre-select templates to be used. Please refer to the Restart Conversation Template Message section of the User Guide.


Sending template message

  • After receiving the last message from the visitor within 24 hours, you have to send a message first. The Time limit reached banner will be displayed.
  • You can click Send Template on the banner to select the template message.


  • Enter the template keywords into the search box to search for the required template. Alternatively, filter the template list by selecting one or multiple template types such as All, Marketing, Utility or Authentication from the dropdown list.


  • Enter variables or click +Insert Link to the Header, Body, Footer and Buttons if required.
  • Click Send Template.


  • Your template message is sent and displayed in the chat room.


The Time limit reached banner is kept displayed in the chat room until the customer sends the first reply message.