Navigating the App

The CINNOX App consists of five interfaces or panels:


Utility Panel

The Utility tab consists of five sections and functions:
i. Open Enquiry
ii. Recent
iii. Instant Meeting
iv. New Chat
v. Search

i. Open Enquiry

The Open Enquiry section (a) displays all open call and chat enquiries from visitors and customers. Each open enquiry has the following details:

  • Enquiry type
  • Visitor name, Visitor ID, or phone number
  • Visitor location and country/territory flag
  • Language


An open enquiry displays in the Enquiry Panel until a staff agent has picked up the enquiry or reached the maximum waiting time.

The maximum waiting time is as follows:

  • Broadcast Call Enquiry = 30 seconds
  • Broadcast Chat Enquiry = 60 seconds
  • Direct Call Enquiry = 90 seconds
  • Direct Chat Enquiry = 60 seconds

Enquiry Panel


ii. Recent

The Recent section (b) displays all the rooms where you have ongoing calls and chat conversations with customers, visitors, and fellow staff members.



It has a filter that lets you select which rooms to view:

  • All: displays rooms with Staff-to-Staff, Staff-to-customers/visitors, and Staff group Space conversations
  • Internal: displays rooms with Staff-to-Staff conversations
  • External: displays rooms with Staff-to-customers/visitors conversations
  • Space: displays rooms with Staff group Space conversations

Filter in the Recent


iii. Instant Meeting

The Instant Meeting function (c) lets you create an instant conference meeting. For more information about instant meetings, refer to the Conference Call section of this Guide.



iv. New Chat

The New Chat function (d) lets you create a new 1-to-1 chat room or a new group Space for internal conversations with fellow staff members. For more information, refer to the Space for Internal Group Chat section of this Guide.


New Chat


v. Search

The Search function lets you search any relevant in your Recent section.


Search in Recent

  • To search, type any keyword you want to find in the Recent section, then tap Search on your keypad.

The results are in the following sections:

  • Chat Room
  • Message
  • Contact
  • Shared File.

Search in the Recent


Contact List Panel

The Contact List tab provides information about your staff (internal) and external contacts.
For more details, refer to the Contacts section of this Guide.


Contact List


Calls Panel

In the Calls tab, you can view the following call histories:

  • All: your dialed, answered, and missed calls to and from visitors, customers, and colleagues.

Calls panel

  • Missed Call: only your missed calls from visitors, customers, and colleagues.

Missed call panel

Tapping the floating Dial pad button opens a full-scale keypad to let you dial and call a number.


Dial pad

The dial pad feature opens a full-scale keypad that lets you dial a phone number or search for your external contacts' phone numbers and dial them.

To set your Caller ID:

  • Tap "Set Caller ID to make a call" from the Dial Pad.

Set caller ID

  • On the pop-up window, enter your phone number and click on Add. CINNOX will then send an SMS verification code to the number you entered.

  • Enter the six-digit code on the pop-up window, then click on Verify.


Verification your number

  • Once the verification is completed, you can name your Caller ID, but optional.

Name your caller ID


If you do not receive an SMS verification code, click on Resend.
You are allowed three attempts to verify the code. After three unsuccessful attempts, you have to wait for ten minutes before you can try again.

You may set your Caller ID by bringing your Service Numbers or by selecting from the Virtual Numbers - Local Number Type available on your CINNOX service.


Dial pad

To call a phone number using the dial pad:

  • Select your Caller ID.
  • Select the country code of the phone number you wish to dial.
  • Type the phone number.
  • Tap the call icon.

Outgoing PSTN Call


Enquiry Overview Panel

The Enquiry Overview tab provides you with a quick snapshot of your enquiries.

Refer to the Enquiry Overview section of this Guide for more information.


Enquiry Overview


My Account Panel

The My Account tab lets you access your profile information, manage your app and notifications, change your password, and log out of the CINNOX service.

For more information about your account details, refer to the My Account section of this Guide.


My Account

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