Creating New Destination

Destinations are a service group and chatbot service added to serve visitors and customers enquiries about your business.

Set how your support team serve and manage visitor and customer enquiries. It can be through Staff using CINNOX dashboard or mobile app, PSTN phone, SIP trunk or Chatbot as the destination types.

Destination Type


Staff List

Staff accounts created in CINNOX are listed as a destination endpoint to handle visitor calls and chat enquiries.

PSTN Phone

Requires a phone number as the endpoint to handle the call enquiry.

SIP Trunk

Requires assistance from the CINNOX Support Team to integrate your SIP trunk to CINNOX. Please contact us for more information.


Add your chatbot on CINNOX and use it as your destination to handle visitor chat enquiries to your Tag, Social Pages, Web Link, and QR Code.


Creating a Service Group:

  • From the navigation menu, go to Destination.
  • On the Service Group page, click Create Service Group.
  • In Service Group Name, enter the name of the support team to handle visitor customer enquiries
  • In Support Language and Support Location, select the language(s) and location(s) your support team would cover.
  • In Destination Rules, select the preferred destination type (Staff list, PSTN or SIP Trunk). According to the selected destination type, Add the endpoint, CINNOX Staff for the Staff list, the phone number for the PSTN Phone and trunk number for the SIP Trunk
    You can add up to 30 destination endpoints. All endpoints will simultaneously receive a notification whenever there is an open enquiry.
  • Click Create.
Creating Service GroupCreating Service Group

Creating Service Group

A newly created service group will be listed in the service group list and use in your channel routing.

Service Group ListService Group List

Service Group List


Adding a Chatbot
Please check our detailed guide Adding Chatbot to CINNOX on adding Chatbot as your Destination.

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