Unread Panel

The CINNOX App has an Unread Panel displaying unread messages and open enquiries. This feature is enabled by default and is located at the top of a chatroom screen.

With the Unread Panel, you can easily switch chatrooms with unread messages or pick up open enquiries without returning to the Utility tab.


Recent > Unread Panel View

Disabling the Unread Panel

The Unread Panel feature is enabled by default when you install the CINNOX App.


Unread Panel Settings

To disable the Unread Panel:

  • Go to My Account on the menu tab, then tap Settings > Unread Panel.

Unread Panel

  • On the Unread Panel screen that will appear, toggle the button Off.

Disabled Unread Panel

When you disable the Unread Panel, the CINNOX App will no longer display unread messages and open enquiries at the top of your chatroom screen.