Enquiry Overview

CINNOX Staff members can get a quick snapshot of their service's enquiries in the Enquiry Overview tab. It has four tabs that display enquiries according to the following statuses:

  • Open: This section displays enquiries in the queue, which the Staff members need to attend immediately.
Open Enquiry SectionOpen Enquiry Section

Open Enquiry Section

  • Handling: This section displays ongoing and followed-up enquiries currently being handled by the Staff members or agents.
Handling Enquiry SectionHandling Enquiry Section

Handling Enquiry Section

  • Missed: This section displays enquiries that were left unattended until they reached the waiting time limit.
    • You can further filter missed enquiries into the following:
      • All Enquiries - the default display
      • With Voicemails only - only displays missed enquiries that contain voicemail messages from visitors and customers
Missed Enquiry Section with FilterMissed Enquiry Section with Filter

Missed Enquiry Section with Filter

  • Closed: This section displays enquiries resolved by the visitor or the Staff member or agent by closing the enquiry room and ending the conversation.
Closed Enquiry SectionClosed Enquiry Section

Closed Enquiry Section

Refer to the Enquiries in CINNOX section of this Guide to know more about the flow of CINNOX enquiries and their different statuses.


While all Staff members can access the Enquiry Overview, access to enquiry records depends on their roles and permissions.


Enquiry and Visitor Details

Enquiry details vary depending on the channel the visitors raise or send their enquiries.

When you tap on an enquiry, a pop-up window will display any of the details below.

From a web Widget, Weblinks, or QR codes

Visitor Forms disabled
If the Visitor Forms (Pre-Chat Form and/or Offline Support Form) are disabled, only the Enquiry Details will be available:

  • Visitor ID (composed of the visitor’s country/territory, the platform used to make the enquiry, and the last three digits of their IP address)
  • Enquiry ID
  • Enquiry Type (if a broadcast call, broadcast chat, direct call, or direct chat)
  • Channel (if from Widget/Directory, Weblink, or QR code)
  • Channel Details
  • Platform
  • Location
  • Language
  • Enquiry Initiate Time

Visitor Forms enabled

If the Visitor Forms (Pre-Chat Form and/or Offline Support Form) are enabled, there will be no Visitor ID in the Enquiry Details. Instead, there will be a new section called Visitor Details that may contain the following, depending on how the forms were set and how the visitor fills them out:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Department
  • Message (available in Offline Support Form only)


From Virtual Numbers

Visitors who dial a virtual (toll-free or local) number will have the following Enquiry Details:

  • Visitor ID (composed of the visitor’s country/territory and phone number)
  • Voicemail message (if Voicemail is enabled)
  • Enquiry ID
  • Enquiry Type
  • Channel
  • Channel Details
  • Platform
  • Location
  • Language
  • Enquiry Initiate Time


From Social

Visitors who send a message from Facebook Page, WeChat Official Account and WhatsApp Business API will have the following Enquiry details:

  • Visitor Name
  • Enquiry ID
  • Enquiry Type
  • Channel
  • Channel Details
  • Platform
  • Location
  • Language
  • Enquiry Initiate Time


From Email

Customers who send an email to an email channel will have the following Enquiry Details:

  • Customer Name
  • Email Address
  • Enquiry ID
  • Enquiry Type
  • Channel Name
  • Channel Details
  • Platform
  • Enquiry Initiate Time


Aggregated Enquiries

Multiple missed enquiries from the same visitor will be aggregated into the visitor's profile. This profile will list down the dates, times, and locations of all the visitor's attempts to contact a Staff member.


Following up on Missed Enquiries

If you are staff with an administrator role, you can pick up a missed enquiry from the Enquiry Overview by tapping the Follow Up button on the Enquiry Details.

Tapping the button will create a room where you will handle the enquiry. This enquiry will then be moved to the Handling section, and its status changed to Followed-Up.


Closed Enquiries Archive

CINNOX archives closed enquiries in the Enquiry Overview.

You can tap a closed enquiry to view the conversation history between the visitor and the Staff member(s), as well as the following details typically found in the Visitor Enquiry Room of a Staff member’s Workspace:

  • Enquiry Information
  • Visitor Information
  • Device Information
  • Destination Information
  • Visitor Journey

These types of information let you save the visitor's contact details or review and appraise a Staff member’s performance for quality assurance, training, and other business purposes.

For more information on the Visitor Enquiry Room, refer to the Dashboard Workspace section of this Guide.

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Enquiry Overview

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