Viewing the Enquiry Detail Report

CINNOX Enquiry Detail Report provides all attributes as details to each record give you a clear idea of what is going on with your visitor enquiries.

Go to Reports > Enquiry Report from the navigation menu to view the Enquiry Detail Report.

Enquiry Attributes

This section lists and defines all the CINNOX enquiry attributes available.



Enquiry ID

The unique system-generated identifier for the enquiry

Updated Time

The date and time when the status of an enquiry was last updated

Enquiry Type

The type of enquiry, i.e., broadcast call, broadcast chat, direct call, direct chat, or social chat

Channel Type

The origin/entry point of the enquiry, i.e., Directory (Widget), Social page, Weblink, Campaign, or Virtual Number

Channel Detail

Additional details about the Channel, such as whether the visitor accessed on the Tag or Staff Directory and which specific item on the list did they click

Channel Additional Info

Additional details about the Channel, such as the website URL where the Directory installed

  • Handled Party: the name of the staff member who handled the enquiry and the department where they belong


The label added to the enquiry. The staff can add more than one label to an enquiry.

Handled By

The Destination and the Endpoint handled the enquiry.

  • Staff
  • PSTN Phone
  • SIP Trunk
  • Voicemail
  • IVR

Transferred To

The details for the transferred enquiry from one to another, such as:

  • Staff to Staff
  • Staff to PSTN
  • IVR to Staff


The visitor’s name or their system-generated Visitor ID, depending on whether the Visitors Forms are enabled or not


The country or region where the visitor located


The language used by the visitor

Closed By

Indicates who closes the enquiry - the customer, staff or system.

Created & Closed Date & Time

The date and time when an enquiry was created and closed


The duration of how long the staff handles an enquiry.

Vertical ellipsis ( ) menu

Clicking on the vertical ellipsis icon on the far-right side of an enquiry detail brings up the following additional options:

  • Chat History
  • Download Chat History
Enquiry Detail ReportEnquiry Detail Report

Enquiry Detail Report


Transferred Enquiry

The transferred enquiry will show the breakdown when you click the :arrow-backward: icon located in the last column of the recording table.

Transfer Enquiry in the ReportTransfer Enquiry in the Report

Transfer Enquiry in the Report


Enquiry with IVR

There are different call scenarios when a customer calls and is routed to the IVR.

  • Customer > IVR System > Call Ends in the IVR Menu
  • Customer > IVR System > Routes to Agent A > Call Ends by Agent A or Customer
  • Customer > IVR System > Routes to Agent A > Caller Transfers to Agent B > Call Ends by Agent B or Customer
  • Customer > IVR System > Routes to Agent A > Switch to Conference Call > Call Ends in the Conference Call


IVR to the StaffIVR to the Staff

IVR to the Staff


Search and Filters

You can filter the Enquiry Report by the following:

  • Visitor/Staff
  • Date Range
  • Enquiry Status
  • Channel Type
  • EnquiryType
  • Destination Type
  • Destination Name
  • Staff Role
  • Team

Use the Filter to view the enquiry data according to your desired results.

Enquiry Detail Report FilterEnquiry Detail Report Filter

Enquiry Detail Report Filter


Export Closed Enquiry Chat History

You can export the closed enquiry chat history in the enquiry detail report list or inside the chat history room.

Export Closed Enquiry Chat History in Enquiries ListExport Closed Enquiry Chat History in Enquiries List

Export Closed Enquiry Chat History in Enquiries List

Download Enquiry Details

You can download the Enquiry Report Details and the Chat History. There are two options to download files:

A Download Report Details - This option is to download all enquiry records in an excel (XLS) file format.
B Download Current Page Chat History Files - This option is to download chat history files of the current page in a zip file. Each enquiry will be downloaded in a CSV file format.


  • The maximum number of records on one page is 25.

To download the files,

  • Login to your CINNOX Dashboard.
  • Go to Reports, then Enquiry Report.
  • Click on the download icon at the top of the page.
  • Choose Download Report Details or Download Current Page Chat History Files.

The downloaded Report and the Chat history will be saved in the selected location as an excel and zip folder.
Unzip the zip folder to extract the contents in a CSV file per enquiry.


Enquiry Flow and Status

Refer to Enquiries in CINNOX section of this Guide for more information about the enquiry flow and status definitions.

Enquiry FlowEnquiry Flow

Enquiry Flow

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