Configure the Widget UI Language

Widget UI Language

After you have enabled the targeted languages in the language setting in the Widget Configuration menu of the CINNOX Dashboard, read more in here you can define the “lang” attribute of the HTML tag to switch to another supported language.

If you didn't set the targeted language in Dashboard or use "lang" attribute that CINNOX does not support, it will fall back to the default language set in the Dashboard. System default is English.

For example, to set the UI language to Simplified Chinese:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="zh-hans">

CINNOX language follows standard ISO 639 language code , In terms of the widget UI, CINNOX currently supports below languages:

Language Name@param {string}
简体中文 (Traditional Chinese)zh-hant
繁體中文 (Simplified Chinese)zh-hans
日本語 (Japanese)ja
한국어 (Korean)ko
ไทย (Thai)th
Italiano (Italian)it
Español (Spanish)es
Русский (Russian)ru

Dynamically Change Your Widget Language

CINNOX allows you to change the attributes of the installed web widget using the CINNOX widget API framework. It includes changing the language. You can read more detail in here

Other Language Settings