Operation Support System (OSS)

How can I subscribe to CINNOX?

You can subscribe online at www.cinnox.com. Click on the pricing page to begin!

How can I have a click-to-action (CTA) button and link it to the CINNOX Widget?

Create a click to action (HTML5/CTA) button on your website and add a few lines of code. See the Web Developer Guide for step-by-step instructions.

Can I transfer my existing International toll-free phone number to CINNOX?

Yes. We can quickly transfer your toll-free phone numbers so you don't miss any calls. Contact us about transferring (or porting) your existing phone numbers. Please note, however, that porting can be done if allowed in the destination country and is subject to porting charges/fee.

What is Number Resource Management?

Number Resource Management (NRM) is the system that stores and manages our toll-free and DID resources. Once a sale has been made, that number's status will be updated to in-used with a customer ID and effective date. Once the subscription has ended, this number will return to the pool and be ready to be used by another user. This process is fully automated, with daily, weekly and monthly reports auto-generated.

What is Package Management?

Package Management (or Rating and Package Management) is a system that supports a flexible rate table, which allows our internal staff to manage our offers to different customers and configure the rules to automatically calculate billing charges while taking plans, add-ons, prorations, discounts, coupons, and taxes into account.

Peer the business requirement; different package/bundle may be provided to our customers. And CINNOX billing and provisioning system allows internal staff to do the following:

  • Create a plan
  • Product bundling
  • Enhance offers with Content Data Add-ons
  • Roll-over
  • Real-time notifications (thresholds, renewed balances, event-triggered notifications etc.)