Monitor Chat Enquiry and Take Action

CINNOX lets you enhance the experience of visitors, customers and fellow staff members by monitoring the chat enquiry. It allows the administrator to be added to the Enquiry Room to supervise, train or support the agents handling the enquiry with access to the Enquiry Room. The feature provides flexibility to the administrator who can join a 1-to-1 chat, a 1-to-1 call or a conference call to assist the current agent in handling the enquiry or even take over the entire enquiry.


The availability of the feature depends on your subscription plan. Please check our Pricing Plan for more details.


Only Staff with an administrator role can monitor, join and take over the enquiry.


Admin monitors an enquiry

  • Navigate to Enquiry Overview > One of the enquiries that must be monitored in the Handling column.

Click on an enquiry you have to monitor


  • You reach the enquiry room where the other agent are handling the enquiry. You can stay in the enquiry room to monitor the process of handling the enquiry or take further action by clicking on Join, Take over, Go to Chat Room or Proceed on the monitor panel.

Enter the chatroom for monitoring



Important Notices

The monitor panel provides four options for the administrator:

  • Join: Participate in an enquiry the other agent is currently handling. After joining the enquiries, they are still not the enquiries' owners. At least three parties will be present in the enquiry room after an administrator joins the enquiry room.
  • Take over: Take charge of the enquiry currently being handled by the other agent. Then the administrator becomes the Owner of this enquiry and gains the owner's right.
  • Go to Chat Room: For the administrator, join the Enquiry room to enter the enquiry room.
  • Proceed: For the administrator already taking over the Enquiry room to continue handling the enquiry.


Admin joins the enquiry conversation

  • Click on the enquiry being handled you require to join on the Enquiry Overview page.

Press the required enquiry to be monitored


  • Click on Join on the monitor panel.

Click on Join


  • Click on OK.

Click on OK


  • The toast message will appear to indicate that you have joined the chat.

Toast Message


After joining the chat, press the joined enquiry to be taken over in the handling column on the Enquiry Overview page.

  • Click on Take over on the monitor panel.

Click on Take over


  • Click on OK to confirm you want to take over the enquiry.

Click on OK


  • The toast message indicates that you have taken over the enquiry.

You have taken over the enquiry


  • If you do not decide to take over the enquiry, you can click on Go to Chat Room first.

Click on Go to Chat Room


  • After entering the chat room, you can click on More (...) and Take over to take over the enquiry if required.

Take Over the enquiry


Admin takes over the enquiry

  • Click on the enquiry being handling you require to take over on the Enquiry Overview page.

Click on the enquiry you are required to take over


  • Click on Take over and OK to confirm you want to take over the enquiry. The toast message indicates that you have taken over the enquiry.

Click on Take over



Important Notice

  • The administrator cannot join and take over the ongoing 1-to-1 call and the conference call.
  • When the administrator joins or takes over the enquiry, the agent will be notified of the toast message with the system message indicating the administrator has joined or taken over the enquiry.