Enquiry Centre

The Enquiry Centre lists all your open and missed enquiries.

If you are a staff member assigned as Destination endpoint to channels, you will find the open and missed enquiries to the Enquiry Centre.

Channels such as:

  • Directory
  • Virtual Numbers
  • Social (Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, LINE and WOZTELL)
  • Web Link (Tag and Direct call and chat web links)
  • QR Code (Tag and Direct call and chat QR Code)
  • Campaign
  • Email

With the Enquiry Centre, you can pick up open and missed enquiries listed from the latest to oldest date without a need to navigate through the Workspace. It also shows a notification with a red number badge when there is a new open enquiry.


Enquiry Centre

Displaying the Open Enquiry Panel

To display the Open Enquiry Panel in your Workspace:

  • Click the enquiry icon located on the top corner of the dashboard.
  • Tick the Show in the Workspace checkbox.

Show Open Enquiry Panel in the Workspace

Hiding the Open Enquiry panel

To hide the Open Enquiry panel from your Workspace:

  • Click on the enquiry icon located on the top corner of the dashboard.
  • Deselect the Show in my Workspace checkbox.

Hide Open Enquiry Panel in the Workspace

Filtering Missed Enquiries

The Missed Enquiry section in the Enquiry Centre lists all missed enquiries, whether or not these have voicemail messages included.


Filter Missed Enquiry

  • To display only the missed enquiries with voicemail, click Filter by then select With Voicemails only.

Missed Enquiry with Voicemails only

For more information on how to follow up on a missed enquiry, refer to Following Up on Missed Enquiries section of this Guide.