Screen Sharing

CINNOX lets you have more personal interactions with visitors, customers, and fellow staff members through screen sharing. You and the other party can share your screen with interactive discussions and making sure you're both on the same page.


Start the screen sharing by clicking on the Screen Share button on your calling screen.


Video Call - Screen Sharing

Make sure that your browser has permission to access the contents of your screen. Check if your browser displays a pop-up dialogue message that requires your action.


Google Chrome

A pop-up dialogue message will display the following: [your CINNOX Account] wants to share the contents of your screen. Choose what you’d like to share.

It then provides several options, such as your entire screen, an application window, and other open browsers.

Select which screen from the available options you would like to share.
Click on the Share button.


Chrome - Screen Sharing



A pop-up dialogue message will display the following: Allow [your CINNOX account] to observe your screen? You can change this setting in Safari Websites preferences.

Click on the Allow button.


Safari - Screen Sharing


To stop screen sharing, click on the Share Screen button again.


Stop Screen Sharing



Screen sharing is only available in the CINNOX dashboard for staff.