Sync Device Contacts

Using the CINNOX app, you can easily make calls and send SMS messages to your device contacts without entering their phone numbers individually. Sync your mobile contact list with your CINNOX account, and you can connect to your contacts directly from the app.

Please note that the contact list sync is only available per device and is not accessible to other users using the same CINNOX service.

Sync device contacts

To sync your device contacts into your CINNOX account using the CINNOX app:

  • On your CINNOX app > Contacts panel, tap Contacts to view the Contact list
  • Switch your contact list to Device Contacts
  • The screen below will appear if you have not synced your device contacts list yet.
  • Tap Sync Device Contacts

Once the Device Contacts are successfully synced to your CINNOX account, the Device Contact list will display in your CINNOX app.



Making Calls or sending SMS to the device contacts

To make an off-net call or send an SMS to your device contacts:

  • From the Device Contact List, find the contact you want to dial or send an SMS
  • Tap the Call icon to start the call

Call a Device Contact

  • Tap the SMS icon to send an SMS.

Send an SMS to a Device Contact


Merge Device Contact as External Contact in CINNOX

To merge a device contact to a CINNOX contact:

  • Find the contact you want to save from the Device Contact List as a CINNOX Contact.
  • Tap Merge to External Contact
  • Find in the CINNOX contact list to merge with the selected device contact
  • Select among the details to which details will be added in the merging
  • Tap Merge
  • The CINNOX contact details will be updated

Merge Device Contact to CINNOX Contact


Save Device Contact as a Contact in CINNOX

To save your device contact as a contact in CINNOX:

  • From the Device Contact List, find the contact you want to save as a CINNOX Contact
  • Tap Save as External Contact
  • The New Contact Form will be opened. Check the details if all the mandatory fields are not empty.
  • Add more details to the contact form if necessary
  • Tap Create
  • Save contact will be listed in the CINNOX contact list

Save Device Contact as CINNOX Contact