Viewing the SMS Report

The SMS Report on CINNOX lets you view all sent SMS messages, including delivery statuses and location distribution. With this report, you can monitor message volume, analyse your messaging campaigns, and identify trends in customer behaviour.

SMS Status

SubmittedThe SMS has been submitted to the Carrier.
QueuedThe SMS is queued to be delivered by the Carrier to the recipient.
DeliveredThe Carrier has successfully delivered the SMS to the recipient.
UndeliveredThe Carrier did not successfully deliver the SMS to the recipient.
RejectedThe Carrier has rejected the SMS.

To access the SMS report, click Reports > SMS Report in the CINNOX navigation pane.



SMS Delivery Analytics

Overview Filter:

  • Send Date & Time (default to Last 7 Days)
  • SMS Sources
    • Direct - SMS sent by staff as Direct Engagement in CINNOX Dashboard or Web.
    • Verification - SMS sent by CINNOX to the visitor filling in the Visitor Form or Conference Call Invitation for phone verification
    • Open API - Direct - SMS sent using CINNOX Open API.
    • Open API - Verification - SMS sent using CINNOX Open API, e.g., phone verification

In the screenshot, the SMS Delivery Analytics displays the Total SMS Sent by the staff with the period and status.

Its breakdown:

  • Total SMS Submitted shows 5 from the last 7 days
    • Total SMS Queued shows 1 from the last 7 days
    • Total SMS Delivered shows 4 from the last 7 days
    • Total SMS Undelivered shows 0 from the last 7 days
  • Total SMS Rejected shows 0 from the last 7 days

The graph displays the breakdown of SMS Sent in an hour/day according to the date filter.


SMS Overview


To print the SMS Report - Overview graphs and data, click the printer icon located at the top middle of the page.


Location Distribution

The Location Distribution shows the SMS Recipient Country's location and the total SMS sent in a given period.

In the referenced screenshot, in Hong Kong, the total SMS sent is 3, while in Taiwan, the total SMS sent is 2, for a total of 5 from the last 7 days.


SMS Location Distribution


Report Details

The SMS Detail Report interface displays consolidated SMS details that include:

SMS Sender ID: the phone number used as the sender ID.
Source: whether the SMS was sent to customers as a Direct Engagement or Conference SMS invitation, Verification from Open API - SMS.
Sent By: the sender of the SMS.
Recipient Country & Number: the phone number and country name where the SMS was sent.
Status: whether the SMS has been Submitted or Rejected from CINNOX to the Carrier.
Send Date & Time: the date and time the SMS was sent.
Carrier Network Status: whether the SMS has been Queued, Delivered or Undelivered from the Carrier to the recipient's number.
Details: the content of the sent SMS.


SMS Detail Report

Click Details to view the SMS content.



  • Filter the SMS Detail Report by selecting any of the following:
    • Staff
    • Send date
    • Source
    • Status
    • Carrier Network Status


  • Export the SMS Detail Report by clicking the export icon :arrow-down: and the data downloaded in .csv file to your local machine.