Tag Conditional Trigger

What is a Conditional Trigger

Trigger metadata that treats keywords as criteria to show or hide the tag on your Website.


Setting up the Conditional Trigger

  • Log in to the CINNOX Dashboard using your service domain (URL) and login credentials.
  • From the navigation menu, go to Channels > Directory, find and open the tag details you want to configure its display in the Website using a conditional trigger.
  • Click the Edit button
  • Click the Add Conditional Trigger, and a pop-up window will display.

Add Conditional Trigger

  • Set keywords to control your tag display separated by comma "," (value should be anything from A-Z, a-z, and 0-9).

If you leave it blank, the tag will default to be shown in the Tag Directory.


Setting Keywords for Conditional Trigger


Install the Conditional Trigger Meta on your Website

  • Click the Copy button to copy the tag as the keywords for the trigger to show the tag in the Tag Directory.

Copy the Meta tag

  • Paste the tag on your website page between and and save.

</> Code Snippet Parameters


  <meta property="mc:metadata" content=""/>




The Directory has 4 tags configured


Tag "SMS" has defined a conditional trigger keyword "sms".


Tag "Virtual Numbers" has defined a conditional trigger keyword "virtual_number".


The other two tags, "General Enquiries" and "Technical Support", do not have a conditional trigger keyword.


The web page related to SMS adds the HTML code's metadata property under the Head tag section.


Then the CINNOX Directory in the SMS-related pages will show as below.


Virtual Numbers' web page adds the metadata property in the HTML code under the head tag section.


Then the CINNOX Directory in the Virtual Number-related pages will show as below.