Release Notes

CINNOX version 4.0 onwards


Release Date: 1st July 2024

🎉 What's new

Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

We’re thrilled to unveil our innovative Enquiry Routing feature for Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This feature empowers you to construct your IVR system from the ground up, catering to simple and complex call-handling scenarios. With an intuitive tree diagram-based flow, you can easily and quickly design and implement your IVR system.

Key Benefits:

Efficient Call Management: Streamline your call-handling process by directing callers to the appropriate department or agent based on their input.

  • Customisable: Tailor your IVR system to fit your unique business needs, whether a simple menu or a complex multi-level system.
  • Improved Caller Experience: Reduce wait times and improve caller satisfaction by directing callers to the most suitable agent or department.
  • Quick Setup: The intuitive tree diagram-based flow allows fast and easy setup, saving time and resources.

This Advanced IVR feature is set to revolutionise how you manage your calls, providing a more efficient and satisfying experience for your team and customers.


Call Detail Report - New View

We created a new view for the Call Detail Report.
  • The summary row has been removed, and more call metrics and the ‘Parent Call ID’ to group associated calls in one call ID have been added.
  • The first row now shows the first party who handled the call and the duration of the first part of the call.
  • This change also applies when you download the report as an Excel file.
  • The new records created after the launch date will be visible in the latest report view.


🎛️ Now made even better

Widget Customisation/p>

We’ve made updates to widget functionality to offer increased customisation and provide an improved user experience:

  • Multiple widget appearances under one service, allowing for more customisation options.
  • The maximum number of widgets under one service has been increased to 30, enabling greater flexibility and scalability.
  • Language support has also been expanded to include Russian, Korean, and Spanish.


Enquiry Overview

  • We’ve added a sorting feature for open-state enquiries, allowing for better prioritisation. You can now view the exact date of each enquiry, providing more specific information about when the enquiry was made.


Auto Close Enquiry

  • We’ve added a new functionality that allows Offnet Call Enquiries to be automatically closed once the call has ended.


Enquiry Report

  • The staff can now view the enquiry chat room and its details by clicking an enquiry in the Enquiry Report.


Staff Report

  • Our Staff Report Overview Chart has been expanded to include additional details for time and type views, providing more comprehensive insights.


Other Improvements

  • Directory (Tag) Channel: Now supports markdown for auto-messages.
  • Secure Chat Transmission: Visitors and customers are prevented from sending credit card numbers for their security.
  • Call Recording: Added pause & resume functionality.
  • Smart Calling: Staff admins can now manage campaign status.
  • External Contacts: Search contacts by company name, which is available now.
  • SMS: Added content number validation feature.
  • Various user experience improvements.


Release Date: 31st January 2024

🎉 What's new

AI Enquiry Summary

Catching essential information from long chats or call transcripts has always been complex. With AI Enquiry Summary, you can save valuable time by quickly accessing the main points and key details without reading extensive text.

Key Benefits:

  • Time-saving: Avoid going through lengthy conversations or call transcripts using the AI Enquiry Summary feature.
  • Action-oriented: Make informed decisions and take appropriate actions based on the provided summary without missing crucial information.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Reduce customer waiting times by swiftly providing concise summaries, enhancing overall satisfaction.

To use AI Enquiry Summary:

  • 🔑 Sign up for an Azure OpenAI account
  • 🔑 Connect your Azure OpenAI account with CINNOX
  • 🔑 Enable Enquiry Chat and Call Summary


Advanced Enquiry Routing (for Virtual Number Channel)

You can now create a dynamic enquiry management system using an intuitive tree diagram-based flow advanced routing for your busy business operation. To have seamless handling of customer enquiries, ensuring they are directed to the most suitable teams or agents and handled efficiently even during holidays based on multiple layers of criteria.

Key Benefits:

  • Streamlined enquiry handling: Create efficient queues based on customisable criteria.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Customise routing flows to meet your unique business needs.
  • Improved customer experience: Direct enquiries to the most appropriate teams or agents, ensuring prompt and accurate resolutions.
  • Enhanced agent productivity: Empower your team with a seamless workflow that maximises efficiency.


🎛️ Now made even better

Improved Smart Campaign with Supervised and Agentless Diallers

  • Smart Campaign has now:
    • Supervised Dialler is designed to dial numbers sequentially and provides agents with essential contact information. Agents have the flexibility to initiate auto-dialling whenever they are ready.
    • Agentless Dialler is designed to dial multiple numbers simultaneously. Once the audio prompt is completed, calls are automatically transferred to available agents as new inquiries to the intended destination.


Improved Staff Status with Custom Statuses

  • You can now create custom statuses for you and staff members to choose from, providing clear explanations for their unavailability to handle new enquiries that best reflect the current situation.


Improved Call Prompt with Recording and Campaign Prompts

  • You can now add a Recording Prompt as a notice when the call is about to be recorded.
  • You can now add a Campaign Prompt as your Smart Call Campaign greeting.


Improved External Contact Management

  • All staff can now view and merge all external contacts created on their service, regardless of who the contact owner is, for seamless and efficient external contact management.
  • Company name can be used as a search filter.
  • Importing External Contact has been simplified, along with contact format guidelines.


Improved Enquiry Overview

  • Pick up enquiries from the enquiry overview
  • Bulk update of missed enquiries to closed
  • More search filters are available now, such as Case ID, Enquiry Origin, Last Handled Destination Name and Endpoint


Improved Open API

  • Added a new endpoint for GET Transcription File



  • Combined the Chat & Call Web links into one web link.
  • Multiple languages for custom fields are supported.
  • Improved alerts for devices and browsers for microphone or camera issues.
  • Added an introductory Message to Staff when using CINNOX Q&A Bot
  • Added a field to enter Case ID to an enquiry and is available for search
  • Improved Auto Close Enquiry Settings
  • Improved search filters on the reports
  • Various user experience improvements.



Release Date: 16th November 2023

🎉 What's new

Boost Productivity with CINNOX Q&A Bot

The CINNOX Q&A Bot, powered by Azure OpenAI, is a proficient virtual assistant. It provides relevant responses by analysing user queries (chats and audio messages) and answers based on the custom prompt and data sources as its knowledge base.

To add more, you can use the CINNOX Q&A Bot as a staff-chabot conversation within your Workspace, e.g., Internal Process Bot, User Manual Bot, etc.

Relying on this valuable partner that automatically responds to queries, staff can efficiently manage their time and workloads, ultimately boosting productivity.

To use CINNOX Q&A Bot:

  • Sign up for an Azure OpenAI account
  • Connect your Azure OpenAI account with CINNOX
  • Upload your Data Sources (e.g., Knowledge Base Documents)
  • Create the CINNOX Q&A Bot and add Custom Prompts


AI-Suggested Labels and Topics

CINNOX is taking customer interactions to the next level with our AI-enhanced labelling system. This innovative feature uses advanced AI techniques, like natural language processing and machine learning, to analyse real-time customer chats. As agents engage in conversations, the AI smartly suggests the most relevant labels and topics, seamlessly fitting the context of each discussion. This intuitive support allows agents to swiftly label each enquiry and contact and focus where it matters most: on providing personalised assistance to customers. With this transformation, agents spend less time sorting through data and more time delivering meaningful customer experiences, enhancing both efficiency and satisfaction in every interaction.

To use AI-Suggested Labels and Topics:

  • 🔑 Sign up for an Azure OpenAI account
  • 🔑 Connect your Azure OpenAI account with CINNOX
  • 🔑 Enable the AI Suggested Label and Topic


Messaging with Markdown

CINNOX now makes your messaging experience more dynamic and user-friendly by integrating Markdown formatting. This new feature lets you format your messages quickly and easily, ensuring they are clear and visually appealing. With Markdown, you can add structure and style to your text with minimal effort. Whether emphasising key points, organising information in lists, or sharing links, Markdown's simple syntax transforms your communication, making it more engaging and readable.

Supported Markdown Formats and Styles include:

  • Headings to structure your messages effectively.
  • Emphasis options like Bold, Italic, and Strikethrough to highlight important text.
  • Lists for organised and easy-to-follow points.
  • Code and Code Blocks are used to share code snippets in a readable format.
  • Tables to present data neatly.
  • Links to include external resources seamlessly.
  • And more


🎛️ Now made even better

Enhanced Control Over Chatbot Enquiries

CINNOX allows agents to closely monitor and seamlessly take over chatbot-handled enquiries, ensuring an optimal balance between automated efficiency and human expertise. This feature lets agents view ongoing chatbot conversations in real-time and intervene when necessary, providing a smooth transition for customers requiring more personalised assistance. This update can resolve complex enquiries more effectively, enhancing the customer experience and streamlining the support process.


Labelling External Contacts

CINNOX now offers labelling to your external contacts and not just for enquries. This tool lets you quickly categorise contacts based on their importance and role in your business, such as 'VIP', 'Key Supplier', 'Local Vendor' or 'New Lead'. It simplifies prioritising and managing your communication, making your contact list more efficient and tailored to your business needs. With this feature, staying on top of your contacts and focusing on the right ones becomes effortless.


Improved Call Report

Our updated Call Report gives you more information to provide better insights.

Call Report Details:

  • The header "Call Duration" is now "Billing Duration."
  • If the call system ends the call, it will show "ACD" or "IVR." If the visitor completes the ring, it will show the visitor's name; if the agent ends it, it will show the agent's name.

Downloadable Report Details:

  • The "Call Duration" header changed to "Billing Duration" and "Caller IP" to "Call Country."
  • The columns "Intermediary Number," "Intermediary Number Country," and "Intermediary Number Type" for Call Forwarding actions, along with the "Call Duration (Sec)" columns, have been added.
  • Use "N/A" in place of empty cells.


Improved Viewing and Editing External Contacts

Now, regardless of an enquiry's status – whether ongoing, missed, or closed – team members have the streamlined capability to view and edit external contact details effortlessly. This update not only simplifies contact management but also enriches the overall quality of customer engagement, empowering staff with immediate access to essential information and flexible editing tools to keep contact data up-to-date and relevant.



  • Various user experience improvements.



Release Date: 14th September 2023

🎉 What's new

Chat Translation for Global Interaction

The Chat Translation feature in your CINNOX Dashboard and App breaks down language barriers between your global visitors and agents, enabling seamless communication. It automatically translates customer messages into your support agents' language, ensuring smooth conversations, even among multilingual teams. Say goodbye to language obstacles, boost agent collaboration, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Chat Translation is available in external (enquiry), internal, space, and conference chat rooms, making communication easier in every interaction.

  • 🔑 Sign up for an Azure OpenAI account
  • 🔑 Connect your Azure OpenAI account with CINNOX
  • 🔑 Enable Chat Translation in all chat rooms


Standard Chatbot Integration

CINNOX now offers a standard third-party chatbot integration method, allowing you to connect various chatbot platforms to CINNOX to serve customer enquiries.

  • Bring your Chatbot in CINNOX with the POST method
  • Use the Chatbot as a Destination for Channels with the chat function


🎛️ Now made even better

Loopback and Blind Transfer Enquiries

The Enquiry Transfer has been expanded into two types:

  • Loopback Transfer - lets you promptly transfer an enquiry to another tag or staff agent. If the assigned party does not pick it up, the enquiry will return to you for further handling.
  • Blind Transfer - lets you promptly transfer an enquiry directly to another tag or staff agent. If the assigned party does not pick it up, the enquiry will become a "missed enquiry."

You can use these enquiry transfers to transfer customer enquiries from Chatbot to live agent.


SIP In to IDD Termination

Allows customers with M800 / CINNOX virtual numbers or verified service numbers to seamlessly make calls from their platform, send them directly to CINNOX, and use the SIP information to terminate the call efficiently.


Audit Log with WhatsApp Engagement

Administrators can view the changes made in the WhatsApp Engagement Settings in the audit Log, ensuring the complete transparency and accountability of managing the processes.


Visitors' Messages in Missed Enquiries

Staff can now view visitors' messages directly when accessing missed enquiries from the Enquiry Overview page, providing visibility and essential context before following up on them.


Enhanced Contact Info Management in Enquiry Side Panel

Staff with admin, supervisor and custom roles with data access to an enquiry can update the contact information in the enquiry chat room side panel.



  • Various user experience improvements.



Release Date: 10th August 2023

🎉 What's new

WhatsApp Outbound to Expand Your Engagement

The WhatsApp Engagement feature expands your conversation capabilities and allows you to establish and nurture connections with prospects and customers. In addition to receiving enquiries through the WhatsApp channel, you can proactively initiate chats and maintain a seamless flow of communication with your target audience.

  • Set up a WhatsApp channel: You will need a WhatsApp channel integrated with the 360dialog BSP in your service account.
  • Create WhatsApp templates: Design and create WhatsApp templates that align with your business objectives, highlighting your products, services, marketing promotions, and any other content categories approved by Meta.
  • Send messages using approved templates: Utilise your approved WhatsApp templates to send new messages or reply to visitor enquiries. By using templates, you can ensure consistent and impactful communication with your recipients.
  • Continue the conversation: Once your target recipient replies to your message, seize the opportunity to continue the conversation and build a strong connection. Use this engagement to address their questions, provide further information, and foster a positive impression of your brand.


🎛️ Now made even better

Improved Private Message

  • While monitoring enquiries in your Enquiry Overview, you can now leave a private message to the enquiry you want to make important notes and draw attention to your agents and colleagues for more efficient and accurate handling of enquiries.

Improved WhatsApp Campaign

  • We have updated the template upload, incorporating variable mapping to facilitate faster and more efficient campaign creation.

Improved Staff Report

  • We have significantly improved the Staff Report, enhancing metrics' visibility and presentation and providing comprehensive insights into staff performance and customer engagement.

Improved Call Report

  • We have updated the Call Report Overview with the enhanced calculation of the Total Answered Calls and the Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR).


  • Various user experience improvements.


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