Dashboard Sign in and Sign out

Dashboard Sign In

To sign in to your CINNOX dashboard, use the subdomain provided from the sign-up as your login instance or URL, i.e.,

Subdomain: example.cinnox.com or example.cinnox.cn
Your Subdomain: example
Domain Name: cinnox.com or .cinnox.cn

Please ensure that the domain name is correct.


On the CINNOX login page:

  • Enter the email and password registered with your CINNOX service.
  • Click on Sign in.

Dashboard Login Page

When you input incorrect credentials, the login page will generate the following error message: Your login email and password do not match.


The created subdomain used to sign in to the Dashboard is also the same to sign in to your CINNOX Mobile App. We recommend that you bookmark the login domain (URL) after logging in successfully.


Two-Factor Authentication

If your account has enabled the Two-Factor Authentication, you will be required to enter the six-digit code of your authentication app.
Refer to this Guide's Two-Factor Authentication section for more information.


Third-Party Authentication

When a Staff administrator enables third-party authentication, you can use your Microsoft AD credentials to log in to the CINNOX service.
For more information, refer to this Guide's Third-Party Authentication section.


For security reasons, the system will log you out of the dashboard if you have been inactive for more than eight hours.


Get Started and Help Centre

Explore a wholesome guide to setting up and installing channels, configurations, teams and other settings throughout CINNOX all in one place.

Please check our [Get Started and Help Centre](doc: get-started-and-help-centre) section of this Guide for more information.


Dashboard Sign Out

To sign out from the CINNOX Dashboard:

  • Click your Staff account name on the top right corner and then click Sign Out.
  • You will be redirected to the login page once you successfully sign out.