Customising Your Widget's Appearance

This function lets you change the following in your CINNOX Widget.

  • Basic Settings: lets you customise your Widget

    • Enterprise Name

    • Master Colour

    • Widget Icon

    • In-call Video & Image

      To suit your brand's preferred look, feel, and content to be seen by your Website Visitors.

  • Smart Greeting: lets you automatically display a welcome message to your visitors whenever they visit your Website.



To customise the widget appearance for each language:

  • Go to Administration > Widget > Appearance.
  • Select the language, to begin with, the customisation, then click >.


You will be redirected to the Widget Appearance Customisation page with two tabs.

Basic Settings

Enterprise Name

This refers to the Name of your brand/business displayed on the Widget.

To enter an enterprise name:

  • On the Basic Setting tab, go to Enterprise Name, then click Edit
  • Enter your business name under the Enterprise Name field.
  • Click on Save.


Master Colour

The Master Color is assigned to the widget header and buttons. You can select the master colour from preset colour shades or customise it using the colour picker.

To select a preset master colour:

  • On the Basic Setting tab, go to Master Colour, then click Edit
  • Select the preferred colour.
  • Click on Save.

To customise the master colour using the colour picker:

  • Click on the poly-chromatic circle.
  • Select a colour shade from the colour field. You may also use the slider or enter Hex codes and RGB values to select a colour.
  • Click on Save.


Widget Icon

You can personalise the widget icon by uploading your brand image file.

To upload a new widget icon image:

  • On the Basic Setting tab, go to Widget Icon, then click Edit
  • Click on Upload.
  • Browse and select the desired image from your image library.
  • Click on Save.


Icon Image File Specifications

  • Format: JPG or PNG
  • File size: 10 MB or less
  • Resolution: 160 x 160 pixels

Video and Image

In-call video can be used to advertise your company's recent promotion or branding, which will show to all your visitors during a call. Video will be played when the call is waiting to connect (audio of the video will be played automatically based on platform limit). At the same time, the image will be shown after the call is connected to avoid distribution.

You may set a maximum of 10 sets of videos and images, and with every call, the system will play one set randomly.

To upload a pair of videos and images:

  • On the Basic Setting tab, go to Video/Image, then click Edit

  • Click the Add New Video and Image in the bottom section.

  • For video upload, click on Upload Video.

  • Browse and select the desired video from your video library.

  • For image upload, click on Upload image

  • Browse and select the desired image from your image library.

  • After uploading the video and image files, click on Save.


Video File Specifications

  • Video format: MP4
  • Video file size: 3 MB or less
  • Suggested video ratio: 16:9


Image File Specifications

  • Image format: JPG or PNG
  • Image file size: 500 KB or less
  • Image resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels


Preview Panel

The preview panel displays the real-time rendering of your Widget's appearance as you customise them in the Basic Setting tab.



Smart Greeting

Refer to Widget's Smart Greeting for details on enabling and adding Smart Greetings to your Web Visitors.