Video Calling

CINNOX lets you have more personal interactions with visitors, customers, and fellow staff members through 1-on-1 video calling. With this feature, you and the other party can see one another while having interactive discussions.


Starting a Video Call

You can start a video call with a customer, visitor, or staff member by clicking on the Video Call icon on the top-right corner of the chat room panel.


Starting a video call


If the other party is a fellow staff member, their Workspace will display an incoming video call screen. The call screen also gives them the option to decline the call or pick it up as an audio call.


Incoming video call


Switching from Audio Call to Video Call

While in an audio call with a visitor or a fellow staff member, you can switch to video call by clicking on the Video Call button on your call screen.


Start the video call

Make sure that your browser has permission to access your camera. Check if your browser displays a pop-up dialogue message that requires your action.


On Safari web browsers:
A pop-up dialogue message will display the following: [your CINNOX account] wants to: Use your camera
Click on Allow to proceed.


Safari - allow using your camera


The video call will start as soon as your camera has been enabled.


Video call started


Recording the Video Call

Click on the Record button on your video call screen.

  • A voice greeting will play, informing callers that the call is being recorded.
  • The following message will flash on the call screen for a few seconds: To ensure quality service, the call is recorded.
  • Call recording will automatically stop once the call ends.

Record the video call


You can also resize the video call window, or minimise it to the size of a widget.


Resize the video call screen

To end the video call, click on the End Call button.