Email Enquiry Handling


Once you have set up your Email Channel in CINNOX, you will be able to receive enquiries via email and reply to them.

Standard Email Enquiry Handling

Every email is uniquely identified by a code called Message-ID, assigned by the email provider. When you reply to an email, the original email's Message-ID is accessible in the 'In-Reply-To' or 'References' section of the email. This code can thread a reply or forward it to the original email. CINNOX employs the same method to thread replies to the corresponding email enquiry.

How Email Enquiry Works in CINNOX

  • When a customer sends an email to your support email address, CINNOX creates an enquiry.
  • Depending on your Email Channel Settings for automatic replies, customers receive an automated email confirming the receipt of their support request.
  • The newly created email enquiry is added to the Enquiry list and, based on your enquiry routing rules, is assigned to a specific service group along with your agents.
  • During the handling of an enquiry, various events occur as agents interact with customers and resolve their enquiries, including customer replies.
  • For customers, the interaction with agents unfolds through threaded email conversations.
  • When emails are forwarded (FW) or replied (RE) to the same email, CINNOX treats them as email threads, similar to typical chat conversations. The system verifies emails using the Message-ID. If the same email has been forwarded or replied to, it threads them to the same enquiry room. However, another enquiry ID is generated when a missed email occurs, and the agent can only respond to the latest email.