Making Calls

Want to engage with your customers and fellow staff members in one platform?

CINNOX allows you to take your connections to the next level with its immersive VoIP to VoIP calls and the convenience of dial pad calls. Powered by its state-of-the-art technology combining digital and telecom channels, you can take your organization's communication capabilities to new heights. Enhance your team's communication and customer service with CINNOX's all-encompassing communications solutions today!

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As a staff member, CINNOX lets you make two types of calls:

  • CINNOX calls are VoIP to VoIP calls from your CINNOX dashboard or mobile app to visitors or customers through the CINNOX Widget using WebRTC-supported web browsers. They can also be your calls to your colleagues through their CINNOX Dashboard or App.

  • Dial pad calls are the calls you make from your CINNOX Dashboard or App to visitors, customers, or fellow staff members by dialling their landline or mobile phone numbers.


Chrome and Safari are the supported browsers for CINNOX.


Browser Permissions for Microphone and Camera

When making or answering voice and video calls using CINNOX, your browser needs to access your device's microphone and camera.

Ensure your browser's camera and microphone permissions for the CINNOX Dashboard site or client-side pages (i.e., the pages with the CINNOX web widget or web view) are set to Allow. For more information, refer to this Guide's Microphone and Camera Permissions for Web Browsers section.


CINNOX Voice Calls

You can make CINNOX calls from the Recent Connections area of your Workspace or your Contacts List.

To make a CINNOX call from the Workspace:

  • Go to the Utility panel, where the default Recent Connections area is displayed. The Recent Connections area lists all your ongoing conversations with visitors, customers, and fellow staff members.
  • Click on the room name where you want to make a call.
  • Click the call icon in the top-right corner of the chat room panel.

Recent Connection

  • CINNOX will then initiate the call.

CINNOX call from the Recent Connections

To make a CINNOX call from your Contacts List:

  • On your Workspace, go to the Utility panel, then click on the All Contacts tab.

All Contacts

  • On the Contacts List that will appear, scroll down through or search for the contact you wish to call, then click on their name to open their Contact Details.
Staff Profile

Staff Profile

  • On your Contact's Profile window that will pop up, click the Call button to initiate the call.

Ongoing call


Dial Pad - Off-net Calls

You can make off-net calls using the dial pad.

  • On your Workspace, go to the Utility panel, then click on the Dial Pad tab.

Dial Pad

Caller ID


Making a Call with Mainland China Destination

Local regulations do not allow calling a destination (e.g. mainland China +86) with your own number. Please select a Virtual Number as the caller ID and try again, or contact your account manager to purchase one.


Caller IDs are not guaranteed to be displayed to your called parties.

  • Check the Caller ID, your calling line identity (CLI) or display the number to your called party.
    You may change your Caller ID from the default one if other options are available in your CINNOX service.

  • Select the country code from the dropdown list, then type the phone number using the keypad.


Type the number in the Dial Pad

  • Click on the Call button to initiate the call.

Dial Pad call with PSTN Number


Call Settings

Before making an outbound call using the Dial Pad, you can change several call settings directly from there:

  • On the Utility Panel, click on the Dial Pad icon.
  • Click on the Gear icon beside the country code dropdown box.

On the Call Settings pop-up window that will appear, the following options are available:

  • Caller ID / Engagement Number - lets you select your Caller ID and enable or disable Engagement mode. Refer to Engagement Mode for more details.

  • Call Forwarding - lets you enable or disable Call Forwarding. Refer to this Guide's Call Forwarding section for more details.


Call Settings

After making the necessary changes, click on Confirm.



Engagement Mode

When making outbound calls to customers or visitors, staff members can set the virtual phone number they use as their Caller ID in Engagement mode.

Engagement is a CINNOX call feature that creates an engagement binding between a visitor and the staff member who called them using a virtual number. The next time the visitor calls using the same number, they will be directly routed to the staff member who called them the first time.


To enable or disable Engagement on a virtual number, refer to the Virtual Numbers section of this Guide.

To enable Engagement Mode using the Dial Pad:

  • On the Utility Panel, click on the Dial Pad icon.
  • Click on the Gear icon beside the country code dropdown box.
  • On the Call Settings pop-up window that will appear, under Caller ID / Engagement Number, click on > beside the phone number.
  • On the Select Caller ID pop-up window that will appear, toggle the Engagement Mode button ON.

Select Caller ID

  • Select the phone number you wish to use from the list of suggestions.
    • You may click on Auto Select to let CINNOX select your number.

Engagement Mode

  • Close the Select Caller ID pop-up window, then back on the Call Settings window, and click on Confirm.

When a staff member calls a phone number in Engagement mode, they can save the called party's contact details and create an enquiry room, provided the staff has permission to create external contact.

  • A. If the dialled phone number is not yet saved as a Contact, CINNOX will prompt the staff member to save the called party's contact details via the pop-up Contact Information window. Clicking on Save on this window automatically creates an enquiry room.

Prompt to save contact and create an enquiry room during an outbound call in Engagement mode


  • B. If the dialled phone number is already saved as a Contact, CINNOX will prompt the staff member to create an enquiry room. The staff member may also then edit the called party's contact details.

Prompt to create an enquiry room for saved contact during an outbound call in Engagement mode


Engagement Routing and Binding

When using Virtual: Local Numbers with Engagement Mode enabled, Engagement Routing and Binding ensure that call-backs from visitors are directed to the staff who initially engaged them.

For instance:
Staff A contacts Visitor A using the Virtual Local Number +851 1234 5678 with Engagement Mode enabled. If Visitor A returns the call to that number, it gets routed directly to Staff A, establishing a binding connection. Other staff cannot engage Visitor A through the same local number during this binding.

For a detailed overview, please check our Virtual Number User Guide.


Masked Call Recording

To ensure privacy during sensitive conversations being recorded, you can mask the call, preventing it from being included in the recording.

  • Click the mask recording icon to enable it and mask the conversation. Click it again to resume the recording.


Video Calls

For more details about making a video call, refer to this Guide's Video Call section.


Call Log

Whenever you or anyone else makes or answers a call on CINNOX, it logs a call history into the room.
This Call Log contains the following details:


  • Title
  • Date
  • Start Time
  • Total Duration

Detailed Information

  • Caller
  • Called Party
  • Start Time
  • Total Duration
  • Status
  • Bye Reason

To make or return a call, click on the Call button. The call screen will then appear, indicating that the call has started.


Call Log

For more details about Call Attributes and Call Metrics, refer to this Guide's Viewing the Call Report section.