Passing data to agent via Weblink and Widget

Passing data to agents is essential for providing them with more information about visitors. In CINNOX, we offer two methods to achieve this:

Passing Data via Weblink

You can pass data to agents using a CINNOX weblink by adding parameters at the end of the URL. The CINNOX weblink follows the Google UTM format but is not limited to UTM parameters such as utm_campaign. You can include custom parameters like membership_id, insurance_policy_number, or any other relevant data.

When using this method, the information appears as a system message sent to the agent at the beginning of the chat, providing additional context. For more details and UI references, see UTM in Enquiry Room.

Examples of Using CINNOX Weblink to pass data to your agents:

Assuming the targeted CINNOX link is

Use case 1: Passing your campaign information

Example: Suppose you are running a promotion campaign for Mother's Day and want to use the same link across multiple platforms. You can generate different links for each platform and provide campaign information to the agent:

Link to use for LinkedIn:

Link to use for Facebook:

Use case 2: Passing your custom data

You can use this method to pass any data in various scenarios, such as membership ID, previous case number, system messages, or secret codes.

Example URL:

This URL will pass the following information to the agent:

Membership ID: 123456789
Insurance Policy Number: 987654321

Passing Data via Widget (Visible or Invisible)

You can also pass data to agents using the CINNOX widget, whether it's visible or invisible on your website. After installing and initialising the widget, use JavaScript to pass data to CINNOX, linking it to the visitor's profile or contact.


Useful Tip

You can set the widget invisible ( read more about widget appearance) and utilise the CTA function (read more about CTA) to make the customer journey and experience more seamlessly.

This function supports default contact fields and custom contact fields. You can find the field IDs in your contact field management page. For more information on custom fields or contact fields, see Custom Fields for External Contacts

CINNOX JavaScript Function for Passing Contact Information

After installing the Web Widget and completing the Widget initialization, you can use the window.onCinnoxReady function to pass the required contact information via the Widget.

//After the Widget installation code

window.onCinnoxReady = (cinnox) => {
    // Add the CINNOX Javascript Function here


CINNOX Javascript Functions

FunctionTypeDescription Format of formData:
Field ID:Value

- Example:

- Field ID: member_id
Value: 1234


Sample Code

Pre-requisite: you have created a custom contact field (member_id) in your service account.

The complete sample code below demonstrates how to install the widget and pass contact information to CINNOX via the Widget:

<script type="text/javascript">
window.wcSettings = {
  serviceName: '',
  ctaTags:{    // Editable
    'ritatest': { tagId: '*', contactMethod: 'CALL' }
!function(e,t,c){var n,s=e.getElementsByTagName(t)[0];e.getElementById(c)||(n=e.createElement(t),,n.defer=!0,n.src="",n.charset="UTF-8",s.parentNode.insertBefore(n,s))}(document,"script", "wc-dom-id");
 window.onCinnoxReady = (cinnox) => {



  • You should have permission to access the contact custom field to get and send data by installing the widget.
  • The data overlap should be avoided since the javascript form data will override the visitor form data if the two data sets overlap.
  • In case of any data/information leakage, we suggest the general data be passed via Javascript.