Mention Preference

@mention is a chat feature that lets Staff members get the attention of a specific person within a CINNOX Space about a specific message. A Staff member needs to type @, followed by the name of the person they wish to notify.


With the Mention Preference Setting in the CINNOX app, you can choose to add or not a
mention non-member Staff in the Space group chat.



Manage Mention Preference

There are three options to choose for the mention preference.

  • Auto invite: add non-member @mention Staff into Space

  • Ask every time: asks you every time you mention a Staff member.
    This is the default setting.

  • Do nothing: does not invite the Staff member you mentioned


To manage the mention preference settings:

  • On the menu tab, go to My Account then tap Settings > Mention Preference.

Mention Preference

Choose among the options you preferred when mentioning a non-member Staff in the Space Group Chat.


Mention Preference Setting

When you change the preference, it will take effect immediately on your Space Group Chats.


Chat room with "Ask every time" mention preference