Get Started and Help Centre

Get Started

Explore a wholesome guide to setting up and installing channels, configurations, teams and other settings throughout CINNOX all in one place.


Onboarding Segments:

  • Welcome to CINNOX with a video
  • Connect channels
  • Orchestrate engagement
  • Invite your team
  • Visitor enquiries
  • Download the App
  • More resources

For every completed tutorial in the Get Started, the percentage completion (%) increase until it reached 100%.



Help Centre

Help Centre consists of step by step tutorial to explore configuration settings.

Click the :grey-question: icon located on the Dashboard's top right corner to view the Help Centre.


Help Centre


Suggested Tutorials

The suggested tutorials consist of the following topics:

  • Simulate visitor enquiry
  • Simulate call
  • Invite your Team
  • Explore space group chat
  • Install the web widget
  • Configure the smart greeting
  • Create a destination
  • Create a tag
  • and more


You cannot perform any action when you are in the tutorial mode.


Online Documents

Online documents compose of links to the following:

  • User Manuals for Dashboard and App
  • Blog & Learning Hub
  • FAQ
  • Release Notes

When you click any online document, a new tab opened for the clicked page.