Get Started and Help Centre

Get Started

Explore a wholesome guide to setting up and installing channels, configurations, teams and other settings throughout CINNOX all in one place.


Onboarding Segments:

  • Welcome to CINNOX with a video
  • Connect channels
  • Orchestrate engagement
  • Invite your team
  • Visitor enquiries
  • Download the App
  • More resources

For every completed tutorial in the Get Started, the percentage completion (%) increased until it reached 100%.



Help Centre

Help Centre consists of a step-by-step tutorial to explore configuration settings.

Click the icon on the Dashboard's top right corner to view the Help Centre.


Help Centre


Suggested Tutorials

The suggested tutorials consist of the following topics:

  • Simulate visitor enquiry
  • Simulate call
  • Invite your Team
  • Explore space group chat
  • Install the web widget
  • Configure the smart greeting
  • Create a destination
  • Create a tag
  • and more


You cannot perform any action when you are in the tutorial mode.


Online Documents

Online documents compose of links to the following:

  • User Manuals for Dashboard and App
  • Blog & Learning Hub
  • FAQ
  • Release Notes

When you click any online document, a new tab opens for the clicked page.