Viewing the Staff Report

The Staff Report provides detailed information about your staff members' handling of visitor calls and chats enquiries.

Go to Report > *Staff Report to view the Staff Report* from the navigation pane.


The report overview displays a graphical representation of your staff members' statuses. Beside each staff member's name are 24 squares, one for each hour of the day.

The following colours then represent a staff member's status:

Staff StatusColourDescription
ActiveGreenThe staff member is online and is actively using CINNOX. They are accepting call and chat enquiries.
BusyRedThe staff member has set their status into Busy. They are not accepting call and chat enquiries.
AwayAmberThe staff member is online but is inactive or idle in their CINNOX Dashboard or App.
OfflineGreyThe staff member is offline.

Offline status includes the following conditions:

  • The staff member has switched the CINNOX App to run in the background.
  • The staff member has killed or closed the CINNOX App.
  • The staff member has closed the CINNOX web Dashboard.
  • The staff member has network issues (e.g., poor network or no network).
  • The staff member has not logged in to the CINNOX web Dashboard or App on any device.

Staff Report Overview (Time View)

You can view the Report Overview in two ways:

Time View

Time view displays a staff member's status for specific hour blocks or times of the day. This gives administrators a quick snapshot of the staff member's most productive hours.

Type View

Type view displays an aggregate view of each of the statuses a staff member has been for the day. This provides staff administrators with a more accurate representation of the total number of hours a staff member has been on a particular status during the day.


Staff Report Overview (Type View)


To print the Staff Report - Overview graphs and data, click the printer icon located at the top middle of the page.

Staff Detail Report

The Detail Report displays the following:

  • Total Active Time (in hours)
  • Total Busy Time (in hours)
  • Total Idle Time (in hours)
  • Total Offline Time (in hours)

By default, it displays the 10 staff members with the highest Total Active Time for the given time period.


Staff Detail Report