Viewing the Staff Report

The Staff Report is a tool that provides detailed information about staff members' activities in handling visitor calls and chat enquiries, displaying their statuses such as Active, Busy, Idle or Offline in graphical representation, with metrics that provide measurable and quantitative dimensions to assess and track staff performance providing measurable results for assessment.

Go to Report > Staff Report to view the Staff Report page from the navigation pane.


The report overview displays a graphical representation of your staff members' statuses. Beside each staff member's name are 24 squares, one for each hour of the day.

The following colours then represent a staff member's status:

Staff StatusColourDescription
ActiveGreenThe staff is logged into the CINNOX Web Dashboard, Mobile App, or both and is ready to receive new enquiries.
BusyRedThe staff is currently logged into the CINNOX Web Dashboard, Mobile App, or both, but they have manually changed their status to "BUSY" and will not receive new enquiries.
IdleAmberThe staff is logged into the CINNOX Web Dashboard but has not used it actively for more than 10 minutes. Or, the staff is logged into the CINNOX Mobile App but has not used it actively for more than a minute.
OfflineGreyThe staff is not logged into any CINNOX platform or device. Or, the staff is logged into CINNOX Web Dashboard, but the connection to the server was lost.
For the Mobile App: Even if the staff is logged into the CINNOX Mobile App - when they kill the app, force close it, push it to the background or leave it in the foreground while not using it, their availability status will be offline.


If a staff member is logged in on multiple devices, their most recent status update will override any earlier updates across all devices they are logged into.


You can view the Report Overview in two ways:

Time View

The time view displays a staff member's status for specific hour blocks or times of the day. This gives administrators a quick snapshot of the staff member's most productive hours.

Staff Report Overview (Time View)


Type View

The type view displays an aggregate view of each staff member's status for the day. This gives staff administrators a more accurate representation of the total number of hours a staff member has been on a special status during the day.

Staff Report Overview (Type View)


To print the Staff Report - Overview graphs and data, click the printer icon located at the top middle of the page.


Report Details

Table Details

This section lists and defines all the Staff Report columns in the table and its description. It supplies all the necessary details you want to know about each table record.

Column NameDescription
Staff NameThe name of the staff member added to your CINNOX service.
Staff TeamThe team of staff member belong in your team structure.
Total Active TimeThe cumulative time that the staff's availability status is active.
The term "active" implies that the staff is online and prepared to receive and handle visitors' enquiries.
Total Busy TimeThe cumulative time that the staff's availability status is busy.
The term "busy" implies that the staff is online but cannot handle visitors' enquiries.
Total Idle TimeThe cumulative time that the staff's availability status is idle.
The term "Idle" implies that the staff is online, and the status is active but not using CINNOX for more than 10 minutes.
Total Offline TimeThe cumulative time that the staff's availability status is offline.
"Offline" implies that the staff has logged out in CINNOX from any platform or device. The connection lost to the server also results in offline status.
Total Handled EnquiriesThe staff's total number of attended and handled enquiries.
"Handled" means enquiries with the status of ongoing and followed-up.
Handled Enquiries (%)The staff's percentage of the handled enquiries over the total number.

Handled Enquiries (%) = (Total number of handled enquiries / Total number of enquiries) x 100
Total Closed EnquiriesThe staff's total number of attended and closed enquiries. "Closed" means the enquiries closed by staff, visitors, or auto-close by the system, which will count to the enquiry owner.

The total closed enquiries might differ from the total handled enquiries due to join, takeover and transfer enquiry mechanisms.
Average (Avg) First Response Time (FRT)The average time it takes for the staff to respond to a visitor enquiry. From when the enquiry is created until the response is returned to the visitor.

Avg. First Response Time (FRT) = Sum of (Staff responded time — Time enquiry being created)/Total number of created enquiries

:closed-book: Enquiries such as Missed, Abandoned, Followed-up and transferred to another staff are not included in the FRT calculation.
Enquiries handled by IVR, Call System and Chatbot do not have FRT. But when transferred to the staff, the FRT calculation applies.


The new metrics, "Total Handled Enquiries", "Handled Enquiries (%)", "Total Closed Enquiries", and "Average (Avg) First Response Time (FRT)", were released on v3.12 - 1st June 2023.
Please note that the Staff - Report Details records before June 2023 will be marked with zero value for the these metrics.

By default, the Report Details displays the 10 staff members with Yesterday highest Total Active Time and can be adjusted accordingly.

Staff Report Details


New Metrics Illustration

Let's have an example of the new metrics and how it is calculated with the enquiry handled by each staff.

The below table is for 6 enquiries received from 12:30 to 13:00 in the service account ABC with 3 staff members.

EnquiriesCreated TimeTime RespondedEnquiry StatusDestination EndpointFirst Response Time




Staff A






Staff B

Staff B





Staff C

Staff C


The below table is how the value of the new metrics would look for the 3 staff members based on the above enquiries as an example

Staff Name (Destination Endpoint)Total Handled EnquiriesHandled Enquiries (%)Total Closed EnquiriesAverage (Avg) First Response Time (FRT)
Staff A150%012s
Staff B2100%111s
Staff C2100%07s


Search and Filter

You can expand the records to display per page and customise them with filters, e.g., Date and Time, Staff Name and Staff Team.

Filter Name
Date & TimeSelect by date, which can be customised with time. Default to Yesterday.
Staff NameSelect the Staff Name created in your Organisation
Staff TeamSelect the Staff Team created in your Organisation. Default to All Staff Teams.
Staff Report Details Filter