Advanced Call System

CINNOX Advanced Call System boosts your enquiry call handling with advanced routing rules with prompts such as welcome, waiting and busy greetings for your callers to listen to while waiting to connect with the most suitable agent.


What is a Call System?

  • The call system will pick up the call and assign the caller to a virtual waiting room to listen to greeting and waiting prompts before and while matching agents to assist them.
  • The call system also supports more advanced routing rules, like Fixed Order apart from the Simultaneous in the Destination > Service Group.
  • A better calling experience by utilising the prompt system, e.g., standard greeting messages, music while waiting for an agent to assist, busy messages if all agents are not available
  • You need a Virtual Number to enable the Advanced Call System to set up the Routing Setting with Prompts.


Begin utilising the Advanced Call System for your virtual numbers by confirming the enabling of the call system.

  • Bring the brand of your products and services by uploading your custom greetings.
  • Fuel up your customer group using the automatic call distribution (simultaneous and fixed order) in the destination rules.
  • Call duration will start when the caller reaches a prompt.
  • Once turned on, it will apply to all Virtual Numbers. You can turn it off anytime.



Please check our Pricing Plan or Contact your Account Manager to purchase Virtual Numbers and enquire about the Advanced Call System.


Enabling the Advanced Call System


Managing and Using Prompts

  • Refer to Managing Prompts to upload prompts for different purposes of your call process.
  • Refer to Using prompts to use prompts in the Virtual Number > Routing Settings.


Destination - Service Group Routing


Disabling the Advanced Call System

When the Advanced Call System is disabled:

  • All prompts will be disabled and reset to the default settings. The voicemail settings will remain the same.

  • Under the "Destination Rule", the automatic enquiry distribution method will be changed from "Fixed Order" to "Simultaneous".

  • Refer to Virtual Number to Disable the Advanced Call System.