AI Enquiry Summary Custom Format Best Practices


Providing clear and concise instructions is crucial to ensure accurate and relevant summaries when creating AI summary prompts. This helps avoid misinterpretation and allows the AI to generate summaries that meet your expectations. Additionally, monitoring and adjusting prompts based on performance metrics is essential for optimising summary results.

Default Format

Chat Summary

Problem or Requirement

  • The query or case enquired by the visitor

Actions Taken by Agent

  • The responses of the agent to the visitor's query

Follow-up Actions

  • Summary of visitor and agent conclusion and next actions

Sample Result


Custom Format

Clear and Concise Instruction

When providing clear and concise instructions, consider the following guidelines:

  1. Be specific: Clearly state what you expect the AI to do or provide in the summary. Avoid vague instructions that may lead to ambiguous results.
  2. Use action verbs: Begin each instruction with an action verb to indicate the desired action or outcome. For example, "Summarise the conversation," "Highlight key concerns," or "Include important details".
  3. Provide context: If necessary, provide context or background information to help the AI understand the prompt better. This can include mentioning the participants, the topic of discussion, or any relevant details.
  4. Use of Markdown (e.g., ### heading and bold): Organise your instructions using markdown format to make them easier to read and follow.
  5. Avoid unnecessary information: Focus on the essential instructions and avoid including unnecessary details or explanations.


  1. Monitor and adjust: Continuously monitor the summary results and adjust the prompts based on their results. This iterative process helps improve the quality and relevance of the upcoming summaries to be generated.


Example Summary Custom Format

Here are some examples of custom prompts:

Custom Format 1

  • Brief Summary: Briefly summarise the conversation between participants.
  • Main topics and key information: Identify and emphasise the topics discussed and important information shared.
  • Outcomes and follow-up: Highlight significant conclusions and next actions.

Sample result


Custom Format 2

Visitor Intent

  • Briefly outline the customer's main concerns or questions in one bullet point.

Agent Response

  • Briefly summarise the agent's key responses or actions.

Action Items

  • Briefly describe the follow-up actions.

Sample result