A queue is a waiting line within the enquiry management system, where customers are placed when they contact the company with an enquiry or request. It efficiently handles and prioritises customer interactions by organising customers who reach out through phone, email, live chat, or social media into a queue until a representative (agent) becomes available to assist them. This ensures that customer enquiries are addressed in the order they are received, creating a fair and organised system for managing customer interactions.

When you have created your Queues, the following table will appear with columns and details.

Column NameDescription
Queue NameThe name of the Queue that would be used in the enquiry routing.
Automatic Enquiry Distribution MethodSimultaneous by default
Number of MembersThe number of staff or endpoints added to the Queue rules.
Max Enquiries in QueueThe maximum number of enquiries allowed in the Queue
Max Hold TimeThe maximum time allowed to hold an enquiry in the Queue.
Created Date & TimeThe date and time when the Queue has been created.
Created ByStaff name who created the Queue

How to create a Queue

To create a queue:

  • Navigate to Administration > Channels > Destination.
  • On the Queue tab, click Create Queue.

Basic Information

  • Queue Name - Enter a descriptive name for the Queue. For example, there is '24/7 Support', 'Sales Support Queue', or 'Holidays Queue'.
  • Description - Enter the queue name's overview to know its purpose. For example, 'This queue will be used for high volume enquries.' 'This queue will be used for Sales Support.' or 'This queue is for the Holiday season.'
  • Then, click Next.


  • Queue Rules - Define rules for the Queue, such as the maximum number of enquiries, time, and staff.

    • Set Max Enquiries in Queue from 1 to 20 enquiries; the default is 5 enquiries.
    • Set Max Queue Hold Time from 1 to 60 mins; the default is 5 mins.

  • Automatic Enquiry Distribution Method

    • The distribution method available is Simultaneous, which means a new enquiry will be broadcasted (notify) all endpoints.

    • It supports three destination types: 'Staff List', 'PSTN', and 'SIP Trunk' for the endpoints.

  • Then, click Create.

You should have successfully created your Queue. Click Done when you proceed to the next page.

Use of Queue in the Routing

Please refer to our Detailed User Guide on using Queue in your enquiry management.

Sample flow with a Queue in the Routing