Audit Log

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Discover a wide range of robust security settings designed to safeguard the personal information of your valued visitors, customers, and your esteemed colleagues from any unauthorized access. CINNOX's Audit Log provides a detailed record of staff activities in your service, allowing for real-time monitoring and analysis to enhance security. Experience the power of comprehensive security features and fortify your organization's defenses with CINNOX today.

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The Audit Log is a chronological record of all the activities and changes made by Staff members to certain features or "elements" inside your CINNOX service. Examples include downloading files, creating user accounts, or deleting phone numbers.

The Audit Log can serve as your organisation's activity audit trail and improve your service's security. As a staff administrator, you can view the data in the Audit Log in real-time or export them to an encrypted file so you can analyse the activities, identify any anomalies or discrepancies, and perform corrective measures immediately.


Audit Log

Viewing the Audit Log

To view the Audit Log:

  • From the navigation menu, go to Administration > Security > Audit Log.
  • On the Audit Log page, you can view the following details:
    • Time: The date and time a change is initiated
    • Staff: The staff member who created the change
    • IP Address: the Staff member's location (IP address) when they started the change
    • Action: The action made by the Staff member that created the change. It can be any of the following values: Created, Deleted, Downloaded, Enabled, or Updated.
    • Element: The CINNOX feature where the change initiated
    • New/Old Value: the details of the action that triggered the change in an element, including the element's previous and new values, if applicable. Click on Show Values to view the details
    • Remarks: The optional remarks added by the Staff member who initiated the change

Apart from New/Old Value and Remarks, you can sort all Audit Log details in ascending or descending order.

Exporting the Audit Log

You can export and download the Audit Log into your computer. The downloaded CEF file is encrypted; you need a decryption key to view it properly.

For more details about getting an encryption key, refer to the Data Encryption section of this Guide.

To export the Audit Log:

  • From the navigation menu, go to Administration > Security > Audit Log, then click on the Export button at the page's top-right corner.
  • Select the date range of the logs you wish to export, then click on Export. The file will be downloaded and saved into your computer's default Downloads folder.