My Sites

Register and list your website domains where you will install the CINNOX Widget.


You can list up to 50 domains in one CINNOX service.


  • If you install the CINNOX widget on an unregistered domain, your visitors cannot make enquiries to your staff agents.
  • You can install CINNOX on multiple domains but install up to one CINNOX service on the same domain.


  • Go to Administration > Widget > Installationfrom the navigation menu.
  • On the Widget Installation page, click the Edit button, then click on the Add Domain button that will appear in the “My Sites” section.
  • Type in a domain following the wildcard format, e.g., *

  • Click on Register.



You can remove a registered domain anytime, but you cannot add it again to your CINNOX service until after 30 days.

What's Next

Install the CINNOX Widget on any website. Refer to the following section of this Guide: