My Account - Staff Profile

The My Account tab in the CINNOX App lets you configure and manage your personal information and device and app settings. It has the following sections:

  • Profile
  • Availability Status
  • Settings
  • My Weblink
  • Help & Support
  • Sign Out

My Account

Profile Image (Avatar)
The profile image or avatar is your default display picture that will appear in all your interactions.

To change your profile image:

  • Tap your current avatar. This will open your device's image library.
  • On your image library, select a photo, then resize and reposition it to fit the image border.
  • Tap Choose.



Tapping Profile displays the following details:

Personal Information

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Default Display Name
  • Role
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Extension Number
  • Job Title

Display Name

You can add and update your Display Name appearing to your visitors and customers.

  • Language selected
  • Display Name for each selected language

My Account > View Profile

Editing Personal Information and Display Names

You can edit the following details in your Profile:

  • Image (Avatar)
  • First Name and Last Name
  • Default Display Name
  • Phone Number
  • Job Title
  • Display Name in selected language(s)

To edit your personal details:

  • Tap Edit located at at the right top corner of the screen.
  • Go through each field that you want to upate.
  • Tap Save.

My Account > Edit Profile

To know more about changing passwords in the CINNOX App, refer to the Changing Passwords sections of this Guide.


Availability Status

To know more about setting your availability status in the CINNOX App, refer to the Setting Your Availability Status section of this Guide.



Tapping Settings will display the following details.



Service Setting


A subdomain is the URL portion that comes before the “main” domain name.
In CINNOX, it is the login instance or URL of your CINNOX service.

  • Your Subdomain: i.e, abc-company , typically the subdomain is the name of a corporate company.
  • Domain Name: or

To find your Subdomain in your CINNOX App, navigate to My Account > Settings.



Calling Settings


Chat Room Setting


My Account > Settings


To change the display language:

  • On the Settings screen, tap Language
  • Choose and tap any of the following supported languages:
    • English
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Japanese
      Tapping the selected language will immediately change the display language of your CINNOX App and Dashboard.

My Account > Settings > Language


To change the timezone:

  • On the Settings screen, tap *Timezone.*
  • On the Timezone list that will appear, choose and tap your preferred timezone. This will immediately change the timezone of your CINNOX App and Dashboard.

My Account > Settings > Timezone



The CINNOX App has the following call notifications:

  • Sound
  • Vibration

To enable or disable these notifications, toggle the button ON/OFF according to your preference.


My Account > Settings > Notification


My Direct Link (.com and .cn Web link and QR Code)

Let your customer find you directly with your Web Link, answer their chat or call enquiry when they open your web link to reach you.

QR Code & Web Link displays your QR codes and web links for Direct Call and Direct Chat Enquiries.

You can download your QR Codes (in PNG and SVG formats) and copy the web links so you can share them to your Visitors and Contacts as personal call and chat IDs that they can use to reach out to you.

Web link with .com

By default your staff web link is with .com, best to use for visitors, customers and other contacts outside Mainland China.


Web link with .cn

Your staff web link is with .cn is best to use for visitors, customers and other contacts inside the Mainland China.

  • Toggle ON the button for the For Mainland China (web link ends with .cn) to change the weblink with .cn.
  • On the pop-up window that will appear, choose the third-party messaging app you wish to share the web link with.

My Account > Share Web Link


Help & Support

Tapping Help & Support will lead you to the following links, documents, and forms:


My Account > About Us


Sign Out

How to sign out in the CINNOX Mobile app? Refer to the App Sign Out section of this Guide.