Public Cloud-Based Communication

Are you using a cloud-based solution?

Yes. We use different Tier-1 cloud platforms and are closely following the best practices from ISO 27017 and NIST 800-144 to make sure all security configurations are fully implemented. We use public cloud worldwide, and our goal is to expand to 20 more locations in the next few years.

Our cloud service providers are fully compliant with ISO 27017 and GDPR.

How do you manage the performance of your public cloud?

For public cloud in different locations, our vendor will take care of the hardware maintenance according to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) we have in place with them to ensure high performance.

What is an IM Server?

This is an Instant Messaging Server. Besides Instant Message, CINNOX is able to support SMS to IM or vice versa.

Why does CINNOX use Public Cloud to deliver services?

Voice and Video are a real-time communication service. To provide a better performance and user experience, we put our edge components on cloud to reduce latency between customers.

How does CINNOX deliver contents quickly to end users?

In order to let our customers retrieve communication resources in a more efficient way, we use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speed up the resource retrieval.