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CINNOX Analytics

CINNOX analytics is a data visualisation interface that provides you with quantitative visual metrics and insights about visitor calls and chats enquiries, and staff engagements. Analytics enable easier interpretation of CINNOX metrics through data visualisation techniques and help understand visitor patterns and trends quickly.


As a Staff member, you can:

  • View visitor activity such as the total number of attempts to establish contact with the CINNOX staff over a given period.
  • View visitor traffic over a given period
  • Analyse visitor trends over a given period

Note that the data may vary depending on your user role and data access level, i.e., a staff administrator can view all data. In contrast, a staff member can only see activities related to them.

CINNOX Metrics Data Visualisation

CINNOX integrates the following data visualisation elements to display the metrics:

Interactive Line chart
The interactive line chart lets you view per day change in the number of enquiries for a selected time range. By default, the selected time range is seven days.


Understanding the Line Chart Layout

  • The calendar dates appear on the horizontal X-axis of the graph (A) in the date/month format.
  • The numerics appear on the vertical Y-axis of the graph (B).
  • The change in the number of enquiries is plotted by straight line segments that connect different data points (C).
  • The line segments are depicted in distinct colour codes and labelled at the bar graph (D).

What's Next

Refer to any of the following sections to know more about the reports available in your CINNOX Dashboard:

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