Launch your AI-ready Contact Center Today!

Create personalised experiences, keep customers coming back, scale support, and power up your team’s efficiency with an AI-ready Digital Contact Center.

Digital Contact Center

Create frictionless, AI-guided experiences for digital-first customers from a unified hub.

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Team Collaboration

Achieve more as a team by connecting on a remote-friendly workspace for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

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Sales & Marketing

Build a comprehensive understanding of customer identity with rich data visibility to expedite the sales process, boost conversion, and improve retention.

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AI-powered Experience Transformation

Human-like AI Support.

Drive faster resolutions with our AI-driven Q&A Bot, learning from your knowledge base and enhancing each conversation while providing automatic contextual interaction summaries for your agents.

Know Your Customers Well.

Create holistic customer journeys and cultivate relationships effortlessly with our Lightweight CRM. Enhance personalisation through a unified customer identity while enriching your enquiry management with AI-suggested Labels and topics.

Embrace Borderless Growth.

Deliver 5-star experiences around the globe by connecting customers with the right experts through our intelligent routing system while tapping into the largest network of virtual numbers, covering over 150 countries, and engaging customers in their preferred language powered by our real-time translation.

Secure. Solid. Scalable.

Hassle-Free Onboarding

Are you considering a switchover from a legacy system? CINNOX’s unified ecosystem has powerful features to make your onboarding experience more seamless, superfast, and easy.

Put Your Support on Autopilot

Turn your agents into specialists by automating routine queries and tasks with AI, giving them more time to craft bespoke customer experiences.

Your Security Is Our Priority

Your company and customer data are protected behind a robust, fortified solution that’s globally compliant and follows strict international security standards that you can depend on.

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