The CINNOX Open API Management provides endpoints to Get External contacts list, Get External contact's activity, Get Push Notification and Patch Contact Event to your CINNOX service account.

API Endpoint



Get External contacts list

This endpoint allows you to query all external contacts list.

Get External contact's activity

This endpoint allows you to query the external contact's activity records.

Create/Edit/Delete Contact Event Subscription

This endpoint allows you to create a new webhook event / edit the subscribed event for an application. And also allow you to delete the contact event under your application account.

The event hook will return the external contact information when it triggers the events below:

  1. When the external contact list is edited (Added contact, edited contact and deleted contact).
  2. When the external contact has been merged.
  3. When the external contact ownership transferred.



CINNOX Open API support up to 500 requests per min per service account.