Create/Edit/Delete Conference Call Event Subscription

Response Format

enabledBooleanThe value must be true or false. It is "true" when the subscription is successful, while it is "false" when it fails.
urlStringThe webhook URL. In access to this URL, you can receive a notification of the recording file event in CINNOX.
updatedAtStringThe updated date and time of the conference event. The value must be in RFC3339 format, e.g. 2022-11-07T00:00:00.000Z.


Notification of Recording File

You can receive the notification once the recording file is created after subscribing to this event.

Notification DetailsTypeDescription
typeStringThe value must be "message".
challengeString(Internal Use)
message.statusStringThe value must be "conference_end".
message.serviceIdStringThe Service ID.
message.idStringThe Conference ID.



Webhook URL Requirement

The webhook URL needs to be verified. After that, you will get a POST request with an Action and are required to set the response in JSON Response format as shown below:

Note that the JsonResponse result is JSON encoding of the Action Endpoint Response.

Action Endpoint Request {

  • Challenge string json:"challenge"
  • }

Action Endpoint Response {

  • Challenge string json:"challenge"
  • }

Json Response {

  • Code int json:"code"
  • Result json.RawMessage json:"result"
  • }