Get Destination List

Response Format

codeNumberRefer to [Success and Error Code] (
destinationIDStringID of the created destination
createAtStringDate and time for the destination which was created
destinationNameStringDestination Name (Service Group Name)
supportLanguagesArrayA list of languages the serve group supports
supportLocationsArrayA list of locations the serve group supports
typeArrayA list of Destination type.
- PHONE (PSTN Phone)
- STAFF (Staff List)
- TRUNK (SIP Trunk)
- CHATBOT (Chatbot)
phoneTargetsArrayA list of PSTN Phone Number that linked to the destination. (When the destination type = PHONE)
staffTargetsArrayA list of Staff ID. (When the destination type = STAFF)
trunkTargetsArrayA list of Trunk ID. (When the destination type = TRUNK)
chatbotTargetsArrayA list of Chatbot ID (When the destination type = chatbot)