Create/Edit/Delete Outbound SMS Event Subscription

Response Format

enabledbooleanIt must be true or false. True indicates the subscription is successful, while false indicates it is unsuccessful.
urlStringThe webhook URL. In access to this URL, you can receive the notification of the outbound SMS message when sent from Cinnox. For details, please refer to the Notification of the New Outbound SMS Message.
updatedAtStringThe updated date and time of this subscription. The value must be in RFC3339 format, e.g. 2022-11-07T00:00:00.000Z.


Notification of Outbound SMS Message

You can receive the notification of the new outbound SMS message by accessing the webhook URL after subscribing to the event of the Outbound SMS message.

Notification DetailsTypeDescription
TypeStringIn this case, the result must be "tdr" (Transaction Detail Record).
AppIDStringYour AppID is using this open API endpoint.
ServiceIDStringYour CINNOX service ID.
TransactionIDStringThe SMS ID of this outbound SMS message.
RecipientNumberNumberThe SMS number of the recipient. The format is "Country code + phone number". Example: 85298765432.
RecipientCountryStringThe location of the SMS recipient. The result is shown in the following format:
(Country represented by Two-letter country code based on ISO 3166-2)
Example: VE =Venezuela.
ResponseCodeStringIt must be either blank when the status is either "Submitted" or "Delivered" or 400 when the status is either "Undelivered" or "Rejected".
StatusStringIt shows the status of the outbound SMS message. It can be one of the following statuses:
- Submitted: The SMS has been submitted to the Carrier.
- Delivered: The Carrier has successfully delivered the SMS to the recipient.
- Undelivered: The Carrier did not successfully deliver the SMS to the recipient.
- Rejected: The Carrier has rejected the SMS.
ExceptionStringIt shows whether or not it is an error SMS message. If it is blank, the SMS message has no error, while it shows either "sms send failed" or "sms deliver failed" if it is an error message.



Webhook URL Requirement:

The webhook URL needs to be verified. After that, you will get a POST request with an Action and are required to set the response in JSON Response Format as shown below:

Note that the JsonResponse result is JSON encoding of the Action Endpoint Response.

Action Endpoint Request {
+ Challenge string json: "challenge"
+ }

Action Endpoint Response {
+ Challenge string json: "challenge"
+ }

Json Response {
+ Code int json: "code"
+ Result json.RawMessage json: "result"
+ }