Response Format

_idStringDb record id
uniqueKeyString(Internal use)
createdAtStringEnquiry creation time
svcIDStringService account ID
inquiryStringEnquiry ID
tagStringTag ID
visitorStringVisitor ID
roomIDStringEnquiry room ID
initChannelStringChannel Type
omniTypeStringOmni-Channel Type
ipStringVisitor ip address
languageStringEnquiry language
locationStringVisitor location
platformStringPlatform that visitor use for enquiry
statusStringEnquiry status
displayCaseNumberStringDisplay enquiry ID in CXDB
channelStringChannel Type
destinationIDStringDestination ID
destinationNameStringDestination name
destinationTypeStringDestination type
destinationEndPointStringDestination Endpoint
handledTypeStringPhone, Staff, Trunk
handledTargetStringStaff's eid or phone number of enquiry handler
handledPartyNameStringStaff (agent) name
huntedStaffTargetHistoryStringList of Staff who could pick up this enquiry
typeStringChannel sub-type
idStringChannel id
maaiiDisplayNameStringChannel display name
nameStringThird-party display name
inquiryTypeStringEnquiry Type
updatedAtStringEnquiry updated time
closedAtStringEnquiry close time
inquiryGroupStringCollapsed enquiries
transferredPartyArray(object)Destination info that enquiry transferred to
pickedUpAtStringEnquiry picked up time
missedAtStringEnquiry missed time
reopenedAtStringEnquiry reopened time
handledPartyDepartmentIDStringDepartment id of the staff
Attached chat history attachment
staffFirstNameStringStaff First Name
staffLastNameStringStaff Last Name
visitorFirstNameStringVisitor First Name
visitorLastNameStringVisitor Last Name
inquiryDeepLinkStringThe link redirects the staff to the enquiry's chat room.
durationNumberThe duration in milliseconds for an enquiry which is being handled.
closeDurationNumberThe duration in milliseconds for a closed enquiry.
labelIDsStringThe ID of the label used for the enquiry.