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How to store and retrieve chat history?

Chat history archives are accessible only by the administrator. The archives are easily searchable by agent name, time, and date. In addition to the stored text information and documents, all media files are stored including audio Notes and video files.

Can the agent's email be changed?

No, the agent’s email address cannot be changed. If an agent needs to change the login email, the administrator will need to add a new agent account in the Admin Dashboard. Then, delete the old account.

Does liveConnect support user verification?

Yes, SMS verification for your liveConnect Mobile SDK can be turned on and off in the Admin Dashboard.

Is the chat window customizable?

Yes, you can customize the liveConnect widget to match your own corporate colors, images, and videos. See https://docs.m800.com/docs/lc-administrator-chat-background

How do I add liveConnect agents?

You can add new agents via the liveConnect Admin Dashboard and configure each user's details. See https://docs.m800.com/docs/lc-administrator-creating-an-agent

Which browsers are supported by liveConnect?

liveConnect requires WebRTC supported browsers to enable VOIP communications. Currently, we support the latest version of Chrome and Firefox desktop browsers. Additional browsers such as Safari for Mac, Safari for iOS & Chrome for Android will be supported in Q1 2019.