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How can I add liveConnect to my mobile app?

Integrate to your mobile app with a few lines of code. For iOS devices, see https://docs.m800.com/docs/lc-ios-quickstart. For Android devices, see https://docs.m800.com/docs/lc-android-quickstart.

How can I add liveConnect to my website?

Integrate to your website with a few lines of code. See the liveConnect Web Developer Guide for step-by-step instructions, https://docs.m800.com/docs/lc-web-quickstart

How do I access the Data Analytics?

Analytics can only be accessed by the administrator via the Admin Dashboard.

If two agents are available and have the same skill set, how does liveConnect determine which agent to send a contact to?

Both agents will receive the inquiry, the first agent to reply will be responsible for closing the inquiry.

How does liveConnect determine which agents can handle a specific inquiry?

Agents are assigned to a tag or tags, which are associated with their own particular skill set. Visitors will click the call or IM button on a specific tag to connect the right agent instantly!

If customers want to store the chat history in their server, can this be done?

Yes, however this is a customized feature and requires purchase of liveConnect Enterprise. (Coming Soon)

How long will we store the chat history?

We will store all your data indefinitely as long as your liveConnect account is active or until you request us to delete from our secure servers.